Full-frame sensors are now available on the market, and the leaders in DSLR photography: Canon and Nikon have both released their entries into the market (although those hoping to get their hands on the EOS 6D will have to wait until December until it ships).

Both models have their pros and cons, with the Nikon D600 overall outperforming the 6D – hence the £150 price difference between the two with the Nikon being the more expensive. One of the first things people look at is of course the sensor resolution, here we quickly see the Nikon D600 outperforms with a resolution of 24.3 MP compared to Canon’s 20.2 MP.

Nikon D600 vs Canon EOS 6D

The D600 comes up trumps when we look at the sensitivity ISO range, which is slightly better than the D600, of 100-25,600 and also intergrates WiFi and GPS for image meta tagging. However, the D600 has a higher auto-focus at 39 points compared to the EOS 6D of 11 points. Ultimately which full frame DSLR you choose will most likely be down to brand preference and what you’re familiar with.

Nikon D600 vs Canon EOS 6D

Infographic produced by Dragonfly Productions

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