Whether you’re selling your house or need to repair damage, you may wonder if painting the outside in winter is a good idea. If the temperature outdoors is over 35 degrees, you may paint the outside of your home; but the correct paint and the knowledgeable services of a professional painter are essential.

Paint Chemistry Matters

The ability of paint to cure can be pushed down to 35 degrees F with improved paint technology. Northern states cease favorable painting weather around November. Southern states cease around December. Paint manufacturers advise a minimum outdoor temperature, but that minimum temperature has increased with paint quality and technology. Painting a home at 50 degrees was formerly advised against. Today, you may paint your house at 40 degrees, and certain luxury paints can be applied at 35 degrees.

Paint And Moisture

Pro painters like Brothers Colors Painting Kalamazoo reserve mid-October to March for interior work. Exterior work may cause uncured or bubbled paint during these times. Only dry surfaces should be painted. Rain, humidity, snow, and other natural occurrences may moisten your painting. You should always wait a day before painting after a heavy rain. Even if the surface doesn’t feel damp, porous wood or materials may still hold moisture.

Even if it was 75 degrees throughout the day, overnight dew may ruin outdoor paint work. Check the following day’s forecast in addition to the day of painting. Today’s good might be bad by 2 am. Paint must cure and dry. Professional painters may lengthen seasons due to exceptional weather patterns, but exterior painting year-round is not practical.

Professional painters should not paint house exteriors in cold, snowy areas during winter. Paint cannot cure in the cold. Try it, and the paint may flake. Instead, paint inside or do the prep work, like scraping the house.


Paint needs time to cure before nighttime temps drop since colder temperatures take longer for curing. Again, keep in mind the weather forecast and get an early start on the day if the painting surface permits. Paint, caulk, patching, and other products needed to paint your house should be kept overnight at room temperature. These materials apply nicely at this “working temperature” and provide attractive results.

Find a Reliable House Painter

Find a Reliable House Painter

Start with a trusted recommendation. Ask friends and relatives for painters they liked. You have the greatest chance of finding a reliable painter this way, since you can personally assess the work and have a conversation with your reference regarding the painter’s professionalism and customer service.

Internet Power

Home renovation and design websites can help you identify a local home painter who suits your demands. You’ll need to enter the following information:

  • Your project’s type
  • Paint which rooms?
  • Your home’s condition
  • Paint surfaces
  • Property type
  • Project status
  • Project start-up
  • Budget
  • Project summary

Yelp makes it simple to find home painters by entering your area and “house painters” into the search field. More particular keywords, such “home painters outside,” might reduce your search.

Online review tips:

Negative reviews shouldn’t always matter. If a business has a few reviews that are less than stellar, it’s typically a good sign that they aren’t publishing bogus reviews or devoting all of their time to reputation management. Avoid them if most reviews are nasty and seem authentic. If the firm has many reviews, weigh the reviews more, because error decreases with sample size. More reviews indicate more accurate business assessment.


If you can’t discover any house painters you like online, wander around your area to check if any neighbors are painting their exteriors. If you appreciate the work, write down the company’s phone or get a card from a painter. You can then study the firm online to make sure it’s right.

Paint Estimate

Get a property painting estimate after you find a good recommendation. The estimate is unique to your property because of its floor layout, square footage, and design.

BBB company search instructions

Once you have a recommendation, check the company’s Better Business Bureau rating (BBB). The BBB ensures companies are trustworthy, genuine, and provide excellent customer service. BBB users may rate and review businesses and raise complaints. Company grades are based on 13 parameters. You can check whether the firm is BBB-accredited above the rating.

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