Cosmetic procedures are a popular tool for quickly changing the way you look. New procedures are constantly being developed, and fat transplants are one of the most popular procedures today. If you’re considering having a fat transplant done, here’s what you need to know about that increasingly popular procedure.

What Is a Fat Transplant?

Fat distribution is a tricky thing, even if you’re losing a lot of weight. Many people have too much fat in some places and not enough fat in others. Fat transplants allow fat to be moved from one part of the body to another to create a more balanced look.

A fat transplant is a sort of combination between liposuction and injection. Fat is extracted from one part of your body using liposuction, then processed into pure fat and reinjected into another part of your body.

The important thing to remember with fat transplants is that you need enough fat for them to work. Any fat you add to one part of your body has to come from another part, so keep that in mind.

Who Needs Fat Transplants?

You might be wondering if you’re a good candidate for a fat transplant. As is the case with all cosmetic procedures, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to have a procedure done. There are several reasons you might consider a fat transplant.

Fat transplants can be used for breast augmentation in cases where breasts are asymmetrical or larger size is desired. These transplants can also be used to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks, which is another common use for the procedure.

In addition to the common uses, fat transplants can be used to correct an imbalance of fat just about anywhere in your body. If you feel like your hips are oddly shaped or your face has no shape, fat grafting can help correct these problems and transform the way you look.

It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t really need a fat transplant. While using procedures to improve your appearance and feel better about yourself can be good for your well-being, these procedures are entirely cosmetic and optional.

Are Fat Transplants Safe?

One concern a lot of people have with cosmetic surgery is safety. Chances are you’ve heard some horror story of a person going in for cosmetic surgery, only to come out with severe complications. The good news is, cosmetic procedures have come a long way since the early days, so safety isn’t as big of a concern.

The first thing you need to remember in terms of safety is that it depends on where you have a procedure done. While one surgeon may botch breast augmentation from time to time, others may have a great reputation for such procedures. Make sure you get professional referrals and do plenty of research to minimize the risk of complications.

The good news is, fat transplants are a relatively safe procedure. Unlike procedures where a filler is used to add “fat” to an area, fat transplants use fat from your own body. You don’t have to worry about allergies or other adverse effects that come with fillers. As long as you choose a qualified provider, you don’t have much to worry about with fat transplants.

How Long Does a Fat Transplant Take?

Fat transplants are a relatively quick procedure, but it’s the aftermath that really matters. When fat is taken from one part of your body and transferred to another, it loses its blood supply. It takes a while for fat to establish a blood supply in the new area of your body, which means you need to keep an eye on your progress after the procedure.

In general, it takes about six months for fat to establish a blood supply once it’s transferred to a new part of your body. During this time, it’s crucial to follow any post-operation instructions your doctor may have given you.

How Long Do Fat Transplants Last?

The good news about fat transplants is that they seem to last a while when done right. When fat is transferred from one area of your body to another, it establishes a blood supply and makes a permanent home there. Because this fat is getting a steady supply of blood and staying put, you can expect the results of a fat transplant to last for several years. Your doctor may be able to give you a more accurate estimate depending on the location and amount of fat you’re transferring.

The Verdict

If you’re not comfortable with your body, it’s not easy to live happily. Fat transplants can help you quickly achieve the look you want so you can have more confidence in yourself. As long as you take your time to find a good provider, this procedure is safe and effective.

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