The first thing that you would want to consider when you wish to upgrade a manual door into automatic operation mode is purchasing industrial door motors. However, the question remains, which industrial door motors should you buy? Unfortunately, the one size fits all theory does not hold good in this context.

So the best possible thing to do is to consult an industrial door expert who would be able to match your expectations and requirements with the products available in the market and help you maximise the efficiency of your industrial door.

There, however, are a few points that you should always keep in mind while considering buying industrial door motors. Knowing these will help you make an informed choice and make a better decision along with the industrial door motors expert you think of consulting.

Industrial Door Motors

Consider the type of door

The type of industrial door motors you need is largely decided by the type of doors you want to motorise. For instance, if you want to automate a small manual shutters, like the ones you find in shop fronts, you may be able to do that easily by using tube motors. On the other hand, if large shutters are in question, you may need three phase electric motor or gearbox units. Many other add-ons are available apart from the basic industrial door motors which will make operating them more convenient.

Consider the weight and length of the door

This may be one of the first points that you will want to consider when buying industrial door motors. Even when you consult an expert, he/ she may consider this as the deciding factor in your purchase of industrial door motors. Quite obviously, what will work for motorising a small door will not work if the door is huge in size.

Consider the nature of industrial door motors

Various types of industrial door motors are available in the market, each with its own features, benefits, and applications. Few of these have a very wide usability and can be used for folding doors, sectional doors, double sliding doors, and more. You should always look for industrial door motors with high torque and built-in manual release system. The latter will be very useful in operating the door in case of power failure.

Look for noise-free options

You wouldn’t want the motor to wake up the neighbourhood every time it is set to work. To avoid this, look for industrial door motors that are noise-free. The good ones available in the market provide all the necessary benefits without making any noise.

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Written by Mark O’Hara for Industrial Door Engineering

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