Tornado Perc Bong: Now that marijuana is finally starting to be legalized in more states here in the USA, a lot of people have started to think about ways to experiment with smoking it.  There are all sorts of different types of glass pipes and bongs, after all, and previously this was a rather untapped market.  We’re seeing more innovations reach the market than ever before, really.

What does that mean for the consumer?  Well, as you can probably guess, it means that we have a lot more options available to us as far as the types of pipes that we use.  In particular, there’s more variance in the shapes as well as some of the inner mechanisms.

As a whole, the decriminalization of marijuana in many parts of the country (and the world) has had some pretty positive impacts on both economies and on the everyday lives of people who smoke it.  So, whether you’re someone who smokes it for recreational purposes or medical ones, you might be interested in exploring some of these new options!

The Signature “Z” Shape

To start out, one of the most interesting aspects of a tornado bong is the shape of it.  Since their main claim to fame is that they have a cyclone-like filtration system.  Naturally, this isn’t achieved by pure magic – rather, a lot of it comes down to the shape that we’ve mentioned.

There’s more to it than just creating the filtration, though.  Beyond that, the curve in the pipe allows for it to be held much easier than some other models.  The ergonomic design can be beneficial for anyone who has a hard time holding onto heavy things.  As convenient as bongs are, some of the larger models can certainly get quite heavy.

By opting for a smaller one with this type of design, you can worry about that a lot less.  It’s also just a bit more convenient, and easier for anyone who is new to smoking.  As you can see in this article,, it isn’t always easy to dive right in without a game plan in terms of what you’re looking for.

Suitable for Beginners and Experts

Although it might seem a bit strange to think about smoking weed as an “activity” that has “beginners” and “experts,” that really is how it works.  It’s something that you can get better at over time as you perfect your own technique.  Most of it comes down to the smoky flavor and ash that ends up in your mouth when you’re more inexperienced.

That’s why a lot of pipes and bongs have started to be marketed towards those who are new to smoking, to help them get used to it without too steep of a learning curve.  There are a lot of things to consider if you’re here because you’re interested in purchasing your first ever bong or pipe.

Size is something that you may not have initially thought of when you set out to buy one, but it can play a surprisingly big role in the way you get acclimated to the feeling of smoking.  While we often see huge ones shown in the media, a lot of the time, those just aren’t practical.  Instead, you might want to try to find a smaller one that offers a similar experience to those big ones.

An example of one like that is here,, where you can also see the shape that was mentioned as far as the “z” curve.  Something else that you might want to think about in a similar vein to this is that the size can also impact overall durability.  Of course, in an ideal world, most of us would prefer to have a pipe that lasts us longer than a few months.

Well-crafted ones can easily last you for years, though.  It all depends on the type of material it is made out of, the size, and the quality of the brand that you’re ordering from.  If you’re ever uncertain, you can always check out some online reviews to see what other customers have to say as well!

How to Pick a Bong

Since there are a ton of different models on the market, it’s no wonder that some people have a hard time picking what their next one should be.  First, though, you might want to consider what sort of filtration system you’re after.  Do you enjoy the flavor of smoke or ash on each hit, or would you prefer each hit to be a clean one?

As far as the tornado perc variety goes, they offer a lot of filtrations thanks to the cyclone style going on with their shape.  That means the hits will be clean, and there won’t be ash hitting your mouth.  Your preferences will shape what sort you should look for, but most people do prefer the cleaner options.

At the end of the day, everyone has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to picking up smoking marijuana.  Some people do it for medical reasons, as you can read about on this page, and there’s a good chance that they definitely don’t want to taste ash or have it enter their mouth.  For recreational users, though, everyone likes to do their own thing.

Either way, though, you can customize all sorts of things about your smoking experience based on things such as the shape of pipe that you get, the size of it, and even what accessories that you go for.  If you’re ever not sure about what you want, consider talking to friends that smoke or even visiting an online forum!

Chances are, they’ll at least have some advice to offer you in terms of what might work for you versus what might not.  Explore what’s out there, and try out different shapes, sizes, and accessories.  Eventually, you’ll land on a formula that really works for you, and you can enjoy your smoking experience more than you ever have before!

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