Participating in extreme sports has a lot of benefits related to social and physical wellness. In health terms, extreme sports are opportune moments for people who want to shed a few pounds off their bodies. They enhance mental endurance as well as social skills.

These games usually occur within group settings, which make it possible for people to make friends. Participation in extreme sports is an ingenious way of building muscles in addition to toning them.

Extreme sports consist of multiple activities such as, surfing, snowboarding, BMX and skateboarding. Those looking to partake in any of these activities have a wide array of destinations to choose from.

Some of the top destinations for extreme sports include:

Extreme Sports Destinations

1. Skeleton Coast Park

Situated in Namibia, this destination is perfect for those who wish to test their mettle against killer sharks. Here, many adventurers congregate to try and net copper sharks that inhabit these waters. Catching one of the sea beasts is undoubtedly a daunting task.

Nonetheless, the prospect of coming out tops against the sharks should be a memory to treasure forever. Namibian laws, however, demand that the fish must be released after being caught.

2. Boulder, Colorado

Colorado is home to buildering, an extreme sport that involves climbing bridges and buildings. An initiative of the University of Colorado, participants would be thrilled at the prospect of putting their mental endurance to test.

The adrenalin rush experienced while climbing these modern structures is unforgettable.

3. British Columbia, Canada

Fans of heli-skiing would fancy a trip to British Columbia where a lot of fun awaits them. This snow-capped place provides the best scenery for skiing. Using a chopper, people can climb up to the Selkirk or Monashee mountain ranges.

From here, they can ski down the snows at top speed. Going for tree skiing would also be a perfect choice and an enjoyable activity. The perfect time to visit the place is between December and May.

4. Peacock Springs State Park , Florida

Peacock Springs State Park is the appropriate venue for people who think they are prepared for cave diving. This is a challenging extreme sport that overshadows other extreme sports in Florida like scuba diving. People who have tried cave diving at one time in their lives will attest to the adventure that this exercise offers.

The dark caves and submerged passages make for a challenging combination that would drive any weak-willed man out of his wits. As a safety precaution, it would be necessary to carry artificial lighting as well as the proper gear.

5. Queensland, Australia

Bodyboarding is increasingly becoming a popular extreme sport among many people. Such individuals would find Queesnland to be an appealing place since it is the emblem of this sport. It provides similar thrills to surfing since it involves riding over water using a surfboard.

However, in this case, creativity is the key to enjoying this activity. It involves doing tricks while standing or half standing. The wet conditions should ultimately make the experience a memorable one.

6. Lysejford, Norway

BASE (Building, Antenna, Span or Earth) jumping has become one of the epitomes of extreme sports. It denotes the platform from where people can jump from. Those who are not adept at taking risks would understandably shudder at the mention of this word.

For individuals who fancy an adrenaline rush, the Norwegian city of Lysejford provides all the elements needed to achieve this rush. Those who manage to jump from the four platforms can etch their reputation in the sport’s fraternity.

7. Ocoee River, Tennessee

Ocoee River in Tennessee is home to whitewater kayaking where people test themselves against raging waters. As part of the game, participants can undergo a freestyle session by doing tricks in one part of the water.

Easy as it may seem, the rampant current would prove to be quite a challenge. For people who may not feel attracted to freestyling, river running, slalom or creeking could satisfy their extreme sports appetites.

8. Dorset, England

Fans of extreme sport in England must definitely try out zorbing. The act of rolling down a slope in an inflatable ball is one that can be hair-raising and satisfying.

It requires minimal tactical acumen since its speed is something that cannot be controlled. The fact that it is safe would appeal to those with reservations about extreme sports.

9. Ogawayama, Japan

Japan boasts of some of the best landscapes for extreme sports—Ogawayama is testament to this. This place is notable for thousands of people who flock it to participate in rock climbing.

It boasts of more than 1,000 routes that consist of energy-sapping faces, cracks, slabs and roofs. Undivided attention coupled with skill is important for success in this activity. Above all, rock climbing is a great way to let off some steam and have a good time.

10. Waikiki, Hawaii

Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing—what better way to enjoy this sport than in its homeland? Limitless thrill awaits those who visit Waikiki to partake in one of the oldest extreme sports.

Riding over the blue waters in the glistening sun is something that everyone would fancy. For newcomers, they are bound to meet other sportsmen from other places. This is a perfect venue to meet new friends.

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