Perhaps one of the most prevalent problems today, when you are looking to hire car transporters to take your vehicle from one place to another, involves the many myths that are present surrounding the industry as a whole. A lot of information is often blown out of proportion and as a result, more and more people are facing these very myths when they are ready to make their move, or ship their vehicle elsewhere.

Because of this, it is vital that everyone who is looking to ship a vehicle take some time to do some research on the services they are hiring and the companies they have chosen to use. That is the only way that consumers will be able to get the best services for the lowest prices. To that end, the experts at have compiled this list of five common myths that all consumers should know about car transport services, regardless of which type of services are used.

1. Don’t Deal with Brokers

More and more people are telling their friends and coworkers not to deal with brokers when they are looking for car shipping services. It is said that brokers are only out to make a quick dollar and will not offer the right pricing, lowballing quotes just to get people to opt for a given service. Sadly, this is often not the case and more brokers are getting hurt by this myth. The reality behind things is that brokers work with multiple service providers, often getting the lowest possible prices for consumers today. While there are some scams out there, consumers can reap the benefits of competition when they opt for a broker rather than a company itself, so don’t write off dealing with these experts in the industry.

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2. Always Opt for Terminal to Terminal Shipping

Many people will claim that opting for the terminal to terminal option when you hire car shipping companies will lower your costs dramatically. They explain this by saying the companies have to drive less to pick up your vehicle when you choose to go this route. What they aren’t telling you, however, is that when you opt for the terminal to terminal option, you may also be charged fees for leaving your vehicle there until they are open for public business, or from the time the transport arrives until when you can pick the vehicle up. You can often avoid these fees by having the vehicle delivered, and picked up, at your home.

3. Distance Equals Cost

The idea that the distance a transport has to travel is the only thing that matters when a vehicle shipping quote is being worked out is not only a dangerous assumption, but it is just plain incorrect. There are many things that go into the quote that you will get when you contact a car shipping company or a broker, including weight, which is usually more heavily considered than distance. As such, you should never think that the quote you get from a given company only is based on the distance the vehicle must be transported.

4. Driving is Easier and Cheaper

Hiring a car shipping company to transport a vehicle is an added fee that you might not have had to worry about if you drove the vehicle to wherever it was going, but that doesn’t mean that driving the vehicle is going to be the cheaper option when you need to get a car to a new location, especially over longer distances. Consider the cost of not only fuel, but the maintenance and wear that you will be putting on the vehicle along the way. These costs, coupled with the need to feed and house the driver along the way, can often become far greater than the costs you would be responsible for if you just hired a professional to do the task for you.

5. Open Shipping is Dangerous

One of the worst rumors running around these days is the idea that open car shipping is somehow more dangerous than closed shipping. What many people don’t realize is the fact that open shipping is the most common car transporting method around. Dealerships have been using this method of transport for a long time, and while cars are subject to debris and the elements during this kind of transport, it is by far not a dangerous option if you need to get a vehicle that you own to someplace new.

Remember, when you hire car transporters, always do some research to find not only the best price, but the truth that lies behind the entire process will entail. Yes, that means putting some time into things, but in the end, you will find yourself much better off than you would otherwise have been.

Kathryn Moore has over twenty years of experience working with consumers and helping to find cheap auto transport for a variety of people in many different situations. She writes for quality blogs such as Frame9 so that she can get vital information to as many people as possible, in an attempt to save consumers like you time, money, and heartache.

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