If you have invested your financial resources into a heavy-duty vehicle, you are clearly concerned about quality and value.  These machines serve specific and important purposes; manufacturers like John Deere, Cummins, Perkins, Caterpillar, and Yanmar lead the industry in quality and performance.  Their reputation is staked on the quality and durability of the engines and equipment they produce.

Since these products are designed to last and perform for a long time, regular maintenance is a key to protecting the life and performance of your machine.  It is entirely possible that care and maintenance will at some point include some engine work.  Such repairs can be costly, and you might be inclined to find a way to cut some cost and save yourself some money.  While it might seem like saving a few bucks is a great idea, it may not be.

There are some important factors to consider in choosing your source for replacement parts:

Diesel Engine Parts

  • Location, location, location – Many suppliers of replacement parts do not sell brand-certified parts.  They create replicas in their own fabrication shops, and pass them off as adequate substitutes for the brand’s replacement parts.  They can sell them at a significant discount compared to the manufacturer’s prices, because in most cases they are made of much lower quality materials.  Quality is crucial in the heavy engine parts; cheaper materials could cause much more severe damage if they break down after installation.
  • The risk of used parts – It may be tempting to try and locate the replacement part in local junk yards.  You think you’ll get the part you need at a really cheap price.  But think again – that part could have been damaged in some way that isn’t visible, and could cause further damage to your engine.  Also, because many of these companies have production facilities all over the world, the part you got might not be exactly compatible with your engine.
  • Contacting the manufacturer – Obviously, you should be able to contact the company that produced your engine to get the right replacement part.  Equally obvious should be that they will charge you a lot for that part.  And, you still might run into the problem of the part being produced in a different facility than the last one you had, rendering it slightly incompatible with your engine.

Your best bet is to find a trusted, reliable dealer who can get you the part you need that is guaranteed to fit your machine.  Luckily, MaxiForce is just the source for all your heavy engine parts needs.  We offer individual components and parts for your diesel engine, in addition to overhaul and in frame engine kits for John Deere, Cummins, and Perkins engines.

With MaxiForce, you can be confident that you’re getting high quality parts from a dedicated supplier.  In addition to the best parts for your engine, you’ll get quick shipping and all the tech support you need. We pride ourselves on providing great parts, great service, and great support at great prices.

This article was contributed by the experts at Maxiforce.

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