In the UK alone there are over three point five million wearers of contact lenses. The statistics in other developed countries are very much the same and even in some third-world countries, it is slowly being proven that contact lenses are better for helping with some sight disturbances and are also cheaper.

Here are the top 10 Reasons to Try Contact Lenses:

  • 1. Contact lenses are great for those who have problems wearing glasses or simply don’t like wearing them for a variety of reasons. These may be cosmetic, or shyness about showing the world you need help with your eyesight.
  • 2. Once it was thought that glasses were the only way to control astigmatism but it is now found that contact lenses can do much the same job. Consult your eye doctor and take advice from him. You can buy contact lenses that will correct this problem in reusable or in single-use.
  • 3. Tired of your own eye colour? Or found a dress that doesn’t really suit your eyes but you love it? Well, change their colour for the day or night with contacts. If you don’t like just having a change of colour, why not go for a more way-out look?
  • 4. These days, you can have spider webs, glowing red, and all sorts of one-time lenses, or even multi-use ones for dressing-up your eyes. As well as being out there, these lenses with their decorations can be a great conversation starter if you are a little shy.
  • 5. We tend to lose our focus with our eyes when we pass forty or so. This can be severe or mild, but it usually gets worse as we age, so multi-focal contact lenses can be the way to go. This is simply a problem of aging and not usually a sign of a deeper illness, so correcting it with contact lenses will remove a lot of the frustration of near- or farsightedness.

Contact Lenses

  • 6. If you use contact lenses for a temporary cure, then you can remove the frustration of having to look for your glasses whenever you need them.
  • 7. Girls wearing glasses look ten times older than they are. It is true that glasses add years to the age and the wearer looks more mature and older than he or she really is. So, it is a good reason to use contact lenses and appear younger and beautiful all the time.
  • 8. If you are unsure whether to change over from glasses to contact lenses, it has been found to be very easy to play a sport while wearing contact lenses. This is not the case with glasses, and some people simply give up the sport they totally loved because their vision changed. Now, they can play while wearing lenses and may even find their whole view enhanced by the contact lenses.
  • 9. We should all take care of our eyes in the sun. Unlike glasses, which need others attached over the originals in order to have some protection, contact lenses are amenable to sunglasses just as they are, and your vision will not be distorted.
  • 10. You do not need to wipe your contacts the way glasses need to be cleaned every now and then. Unlike glasses, contact lenses would go well with any type of hairdo or hairstyle and make-up.

Monica Toress is an expert in the field of glasses and contact lenses (interesting to know is that the Swedish term is linser) and she loves to share her knowledge with other people.

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