Today with Internet, we have lot to do, and the latest blogs and social networking sites are working hard to keep us updated with the latest news, 1440 minutes in a day. If you type the keyword “Movie Blogs” on any search engine, you will get a good list, and each provides endless source of enjoyment to the movie lovers.

Now this article will help you with an indifferent outlook and reduce your searching time on the internet. Grab some of the cool movie blogs of 2012, which is the real source of entertainment for all movie lovers.

movie blogs

1. A Filmmaker’s Life

It was opened by Jacques Thelemaque in 1993, has great writings stuffed in his blog, like short films, indie films, screening events, film festivals etc. You will find great insight into trials, tribulations, and all that, which turned the blogger into being an indie filmmaker. Jacques is a source of inspiration in the LA indie film scenario, so his blog is current and informative.

2. Cinematical

It is the leading film blog, favorite of every Americans. They are having good blogs, movie reviews and thought provoking opinions also. A blog written by and written for film lovers. If someone asks my choice among these ten, then I will choose this blog to catch up for latest updates on upcoming films and new releases.

3. Deadline Hollywood Daily

Gosh, this is presently ruling the Hollywood with hot and freshly served news and gossips. Nikki Fenkie, the owner is known for getting the real scoop as early more possible, than any other bloggers and her catchphrase is always the bull’s eye for the readers.

4. Film Threat is a part of the website Films Gone Wild, and in the present readers zone they are getting a lot of attention. What they don’t have? – Reviews, festival news and celebrity interviews, all in one blog.

5. Film Junk

A movie blog and gives the latest podcasts to its viewers and subscribers. Since 2006, they are providing daily dose of information on movie reviews, interviews, commentary, all the commentaries are having sarcastic tinge. You get all the juicy scoops, hot info’s and many more.

6. John August

You get great blog writers here, the owner himself write the posts or have writers who give up good blogs on different film making topics. He is a screenwriter by profession, and the great writer of the two latest animated films Corpse Bride and Frankenweenie. He answers all the questions on his blog and rants on screenwriting and filmmaking. This blog in one sense is very informative.

7. HitFix

A breaking news blog and gives inside analysis on upcoming movies, TV shows, Film Festivals and Local Events. It gives minute-by-minute reviews on the entertainment news, which the movie lovers like. This blog is very much a likeable toast of every movie blogger.

8. Thompson on Hollywood

This is a Hollywood centric blog written by Anne Thompson, and is a part of the website Here you can catch up the latest news on indie films and their great roles in Hollywood background.

9. TotalFilm

If you love to read some catchy articles, then this is the one. The blog is full of features, trailers and movie news. This site is a part of future group and has a good number of visitors to their site.

10. Truly Free Film

If you are an informative movie junkie, then this blog will come to your help. The veteran indie producer, Ted Hope, runs this. What you get here is more on future filmmaking concepts, film distributions, and the details of upcoming films and above all, a passionate filmmaker maintains the blog.

If you find this article interesting then do search the internet and check out the latest updates posted on this blogs and satisfy your crave for movies.

Charles Malcolm is a blogger by passion, and he enjoys writing on movies, TV shows, and celebrity gossips for entertainment blogs. His articles also conveys the latest information on dish TV offers for her readers, to make them entertained through the best paid TV service.

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