When buying a car, you need to know that there are many auto part kinds that you need to consider. It is important that you keep these auto parts in good condition so that you can be sure that your car is always in good condition. Different auto parts come with different prices too.

Sometimes, the auto parts are abused when it comes to their prices because some manufacturers sell these parts at a very expensive price.

Here are the top 10 auto parts that you will find very expensive:

Auto Parts

1. Filters and Oils – this is one of the major parts of the auto that require change once in a while. Thus, it is expensive because of its maintenance. Some shops would insist to change your oil for every 3000-5000 km, even if your oil is still good.

2. Spark Plugs – the original spark plugs can last until 100,000 km. If you have a good technician, then they will know if the spark plug is good for you or not.

3. Air Filters – despite the long drive and your air filter looking dusty, it is not a basis that you need to change your air filter because a good technician will know if you need an air filter replacement or cleaning service.

4. Shock Absorber – because of long drives and bad driving, the shock absorbers are a top candidate for car replacement. You need a good technician to help you know if your shock absorber needs repair or replacement.

5. Wheel Alignment – it is also important that you always check your wheel alignment so that you can prevent your wheels from getting damaged.

6. Diesel Pump Injection Calibration – calibration process is really expensive and you might get an imitation or fake one, so you end up paying for the original parts.

7. Clutch service – if you notice that the clutch is not in good condition, you would always go for replacement and it would take you more money.

8. Sway Bar Bushings – other people say that they need suspension tear down, but what they only need is a simple replacement of rubber bushings.

9. Tie-rods and ball joints – the tie-rod and ball joint are one of the expensive auto parts that need replacement.

10. Condenser and contact points – if you have a well equipped shop, they will easily know if your car needs replacement and repair.

If you need an auto part replacement, then you should always find the right auto shop that will give you the right service.

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