As technology gets more sophisticated, old-fashioned know-how isn’t enough to service the latest inventions. Cars are changing from the inside out, and mechanics who haven’t updated their knowledge may be behind.

Just like the vehicles themselves have changed, so have body shops. Let’s check out some of the differences.

Experienced in Luxury

Leading body shops such as AutoOne Service have a lot of experience with luxury vehicles, which tend to have the latest and most advanced engines, drivetrains, electrical, and hybrid components. How can you fix a car with guts with which you’re relatively unfamiliar?

Luxury hybrid vehicles, for example, are nothing like vehicles that came off the factory floor decades ago. Hybrids require a different set of knowledge and equipment; things old-school mechanics don’t necessarily have.

In a more general sense, if a mechanic is trusted to repair rare sports cars, you can feel confident they have the skills to fix popular vehicles, like a Honda or Ford.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Hybrid and electric vehicles may have a smaller carbon footprint than gas-guzzling cars, but they still require regular maintenance and upkeep. Those special regenerating brakes require specialized knowledge and know-how.

Look for a body shop that can handle:

  • Factory-scheduled maintenance
  • State of health
  • Battery testing and conditioning
  • High voltage battery testing and conditioning
  • High voltage cable inspection and repair
  • Brake system repair and maintenance
  • Transmission fluid flush

Your vehicle needs to be environmentally friendly and safe to drive. Keep in great shape by only entrusting it to a modern body shop.

Online Appointments

The latest body shops use all the latest equipment when looking under the hood of your vehicle, but modern technology begins even sooner. Now, you can make an appointment without having to leave your home.

Simply fill out a form describing the vehicle, the issues you’re facing, and whether you’d like to drop off your car or wait in our location until the repair is complete. You won’t have to go driving around in a vehicle that needs servicing, hoping the body shop is open and up to the task.

Understanding Local Conditions

The best body shop is the one that understands what your vehicle goes through because they drive through it too. Canadian cities as far apart as Toronto and Halifax experience a brutal winter where roads are filled with ice and salt, which both take their toll on cars.

Hostile conditions can wreak havoc on alternators, power locks, lighting, and all sorts of switches. Electrical issues can arise, as can others. Trust a family-owned body shop that knows how to fix local problems because they experience them themselves.

People need a car in North America because most cities were designed on the assumption everybody would own or have access to a vehicle. It’s nearly impossible to be without one, so it’s crucial to keep yours in great shape so it drives safely for years to come. Keep the above tips in mind about finding an excellent modern body shop, and your car will be a constant companion on the long road ahead.

ImgCredit: Tamas Makarenko via Pexels

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