When it comes to remodelling your basement and crawl space, it is more challenging than other areas of the house because you have to ensure that the systems are covered elegantly. This is why most homeowners don’t think of their finished basements the same way as their rooms upstairs. Most importantly, think of the future use of the space before you start the remodelling. The more flexible it is, the more options you will have in the future to change it.

Reasons for Remodelling

There are tons of reasons why people want to remodel their basements and crawl spaces. This includes:

  • Adding value – Basement remodelling is only second to kitchen uplifts that help improve the value of your home. But make sure that the newly created space matches perfectly with the rest of the house.
  • Fixing basement problems – Almost all basements will have minor or major problems. Remodelling the basement means n opportunity to fix all those issues including moisture damage and waterproofing issues. Besides, your contractor will also address concerns that could become major problems in the future. They will use materials and implement proper systems to prevent mould and mildew, water problems and fire risks.
  • Basement remodelling is relatively inexpensive – When you remodel your basement, you are not actually adding any new part to the house. Although the cost can vary depending on the kind of improvements, the project will still cost less than an actual space addition to your house.

Increase Storage Areas

An effective way to maximize the available space in your basement is to add shelves and storage space. Besides, there could be some additional space in adjacent rooms that could be added to the new renovated area. However, excess amount of woodwork could prove to be too costly, something which may not be mostly recoverable from a project like basement remodelling. But make sure that the work is appealing, inexpensive and simple.

Create an open stairwell

One of the best things I believe homeowners can do during a basement remodelling is to build an open stairwell. It will not only help in connecting the upstairs with the basement, it is also going to help allow more natural light downstairs.

Fire Safety Concerns

Make sure to add one or more windows t of your basement – they are good not only from the perspective of natural light but also work as great safety exits against fire risks. I will recommend having your contractor check your local fire codes for the project. The exit windows will have to meet special sizes requirements. windows will be perfect additions to basements because they are typically lacking natural light. Besides, make sure that only fire-rated ceiling systems are used for additional protection from fire risks.

Keep in mind that building codes will usually require another exit way for basements. A window well or egress window help you in both satisfying code requirements and getting more light. A window well could mean water problems, but that could be handled with a drain.


Once you have decided the kind of storage, fire safety and lighting you need, it will be easier to determine the ceiling. A drop ceiling is a good option as it will provide cover to all the ductwork, pipes and other systems. There are many advantages –

  • The installation is easier
  • They have amazing soundproofing capabilities
  • Access to the pipes and systems is easy – all you have to do is remove the panels

Such ceilings may not have been attractive in the past, but with new technology they are more appealing and useful.


When it comes to flooring, it is important to consider the reason behind the basement renovation. Hardwood floors and laminate floors will be perfect if you need to create a bedroom for your guess. Carpet Calgary and soft floors are more suitable for playrooms. This is one area of your home where sub-flooring is extremely important because of moisture concerns.