One of the great things about the Fall/Winter season for men is that it provides one of the few times of the year in which they can fully express themselves with the use of accessories; gloves, scarves and hats can be worn by even the most conservatively styled man and can all add additional depth to a gentleman’s look. Yet men, by and large, when left to their own devices will often unintentionally commit all sorts of fashion no-nos.

Here are a few of the biggest mistakes you can make this season:

1. Excessive Colour Blocking

Whilst colour blocking became one of the biggest trends of the summer, its omnipresence has meant the style has, in some eyes, been overexposed and has become so heavily associated with last season that any attempts to utilise it now would severely date the dresser’s style. Colour blocking is also a fundamentally summery way of dressing and whilst this fall has seen unprecedented use of bright and bold colours in its fashion lines, using too bright a clash for a colour block will make the wearer stick out like a sore thumb, but not in a good fashion. Whilst recently it has been in vogue to try and make a statement with your clothes, as inspired by the likes of reality TV contestants, sometimes it is better to go for a more muted approach and remain understated.

colour blocking men

2. Humungous Woollen Scarves

Size, as they say, is not always everything. Like the trend of recent years, particularly utilised by British soccer players, towards wearing over-sized ties at formal events, recent years have seen the adoption by many fashionistas of the gigantically over-sized woollen scarf. Whilst attempting to go for 1970s-esque Doctor Who-chic more than likely begun with an ironic, knowing, twee, it has since been re-appropriated by many high street dressers who find a normal sized scarf as simply not big enough; these individuals will often wear scarves that pre-wrapping will trail on the floor or will need folding in half to fit around the neck. In short, this style is ludicrous and should be avoided like the plague.

3. Sheepskin Boots

Ugg boots are an odd fashion that seemingly will never, ever die. Originally invented for New Zealand farmers they became a huge trend in the 2000s with an array of celebrities, everyone from Orlando Bloom through to Kate Moss and Tony Blair sporting them despite the fact the shoe is clearly an eye sore. Much mockery was directed towards the style until they seemed to fade away presumably, along with shoulder-pads and mullets, to never be seen again outside of “ironic” contexts. This seemed to be the case until recently when a few defiant celebrities have come forward to launch a passionate defence of the shoe. Andre Leon Talley, the Vogue editor, has gone on record as stating the shoes are “a revelation” and Kate Hudson has also said she has no regrets for donning the boots and still, in fact, wears them. The trend, however, is one that should be nipped in the bud before it returns – the shoes are impractical in both warm and cold weather climates and, as mentioned before, not at all aesthetically pleasing. For the cold, I would suggest a sensible pair of willies instead.

Kieron Casey is a fashion writer who suggests that, as the year begins to get cooller, a sensible pair of wellies is much less of an eye-sore and far more practical than sheepskin boots for men! Make sure to stay away from fashion faux pas.

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