Dobbies Garden Furniture: If you’re in the market for new garden furniture, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Dobbies. This chain of homeware stores offers great deals on all kinds of garden furniture, including parasols, chairs, loungers, hammocks, and much more. In fact, they have so much to offer that it’s almost impossible not to find something you like. However, if you’ve been considering buying your own outdoor furniture, you’ll be happy to know that the prices are going to be reduced.

Dobbies Garden Furniture Sale

If you’re looking for garden furniture, do not go anywhere else, because Dobbies is having a huge sale. You can get huge discounts on a wide range of garden chairs, sofas, loungers, and hammocks. Whether you want to sit and relax in your garden or turf out your teenagers, you can find it at Dobbies. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for contemporary or rustic style, they’ll have what you need.

For those who want to update their outdoor furniture, a splash of colour will do the trick. A slick coat of paint on the wooden frames of your furniture will make them look brand new and a real focal point of your garden. You can choose from a range of colours, from neutrals to bright, cheerful hues. You can even pick pastel shades for a day in the sun. The key is to find a colour that suits your personality and your space.

As the UK’s climate has become less favourable to outdoor furniture sales, you can find some excellent products at Dobbies. Although the UK has experienced a difficult winter, British homeowners have been renovating their outdoor spaces, including the garden. However, the weather has affected the sales of outdoor furniture, which is why the company has had to reduce prices to ensure they’re more affordable. If you’re in the market for a new sofa, armchair, or even a dining set, Dobbies is the perfect place to start.

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Dobbies Garden Furniture Discounts

Unfortunately, outdoor furniture sales have taken a hit recently. The Covid travel restrictions and the backlog in the Suez Canal have affected the UK’s outdoor furniture purchases. Meanwhile, British homeowners have been busy refurbishing their outdoor spaces to create a more comfortable space. But the ban on new furniture has put a dampener on their plans. That’s why many companies are offering discounts or a free delivery service – and that’s a good thing for consumers.

Outdoor furniture sales have been affected by the travel restrictions imposed by Covid, preventing many British customers from visiting overseas. But if you’re desperate, you can buy a set at a garden centre or even on Amazon. In both cases, there’s a wider selection and shorter delivery times. The main reason why garden centres are more popular is that they tend to stock a larger range of items. The company’s website offers a handy guide on how to buy outdoor furniture.

The Ultimate Guide to Dobbies Garden Furniture

Whether you’re building a brand new patio, revamping an old one, or adding a balcony, the Ultimate Guide to Dobbies Garden Furniture can help you choose the right pieces to suit your space. The main factors to consider when buying furniture for the outside of your home include the size and primary use of your garden. The number of people you will be entertaining will determine the type of furniture you will need. If you’re hosting a large family BBQ, you may need a large dining table and chairs, while a smaller, more informal setting will probably be a dining bench.

Natural materials like wood are great choices for outdoor furniture, especially in the summer. Bamboo is an attractive, lightweight material that blends well into the landscape. Though it degrades easily, it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing decorations you can use for your garden. Similarly, reeds and rattan are also good options, but they are not long-term investments, and you’ll need to protect them from the elements during the winter months.

Natural materials are also a good choice when it comes to outdoor furniture. The beauty of bamboo is that it’s lightweight and blends well with the landscape. Although bamboo has a short life, it’s very ephemeral and can be affected by sun, moisture, and weather. But it’s not all bad – you can find durable plastic furniture that will last for decades without any trouble. Just make sure you don’t leave it out in the sunlight for extended periods of time or it’ll fade.


  • Choose a model that is adjustable to allow you to sit and lying back.
  • Seat cushions that are removable can be stored in the garage or shed in the event of rain and a washable cover can be kept clean for longer.
  • Pick a style that will fold up easily during the winter months when it is not being used.
  • You’ll require a huge patio in order to accommodate two or three chairs


If you live in a climate that experiences harsh weather, then you know how much awnings can save you. They can reduce the heat from the sun and provide abundant shade. Many of today’s awnings are made from heat-repellent materials and can protect interior artwork and outdoor furniture from damage. Adding an awning to your home is an excellent way to maximize energy savings. Listed below are just a few of the benefits of an awning.

  • The perfect shade can improve the look of your outdoor space by offering a relaxing space to eat or relax. Some models come with integrated heating that will keep you warm during cooler temperatures and lighting to make entertaining in the evening more enjoyable.
  • It is crucial to select the proper size because it affects the amount of shade it offers particularly when the sun’s position changes during the day. A manufacturer-to-measure provider will conduct an engineering survey to ensure the size is just right.
  • Awnings must be constructed of waterproof fabrics that have been designed to prevent fade and weathering.
  • When they are not in use they can be folded off into the wall-mounted cassette.
  • Some models have an advanced weather detector that opens the awning whenever the sun shines and closes it if it’s very windy.


Summerhouses are an excellent way to enjoy your outdoor space. Depending on the size, they are suitable for various activities such as work, play, and hobbies. These buildings are usually made of local wood, which is much cheaper than imported wood. However, if you want to build a more durable summerhouse, consider using expensive woods such as oak and larch. Heartwood is generally stronger than sapwood. Furthermore, pressure-treated timbers are more resistant to rot and insects.

  • Find a spot that allows you to relax in the garden.
  • Find out if the summerhouse is available in the self-assembled form or if the firm provides a building service that will be charged extra.
  • It is important to ensure that the soil is ready prior to put the summer house on the top.
  • Connect it with heating and electricity, and it could be an office in your home, a workshop, or a hobby space.

Tables and chairs

  • Wooden furniture like oak adds character and a classic style to your garden. It’s sensitive to sunlight and moisture and should be treated with varnish or a protective oil and then cover with a cloth or store away in winter.
  • The more expensive teak has a natural resistance to elements, so it doesn’t need any additional protection.
  • Plastic is less expensive and will not be affected by mould, rot, or rust, but it may fade if it’s placed in direct sunlight for long periods.
  • A quick clean with a damp cloth is enough to keep it spotless.
  • Another alternative is synthetic rattan. It can withstand the elements and gives the natural look of Rattan, but without the cost.
  • Metal is extremely durable and durable. Choose an iron-wrought for a traditional design and steel or aluminum for a more modern look. It is difficult for you to lie on. So consider adding pads or cushions for extra ease of use. A protective coating against corrosion will protect it from rain.
  • Garden chairs that can be stacked are simple to store and ideal for seating arrangements that can be impromptu.
  • A stylish two-seater bench is ideal when the space is small. The ideal position is to enjoy the view from a specific angle, either beneath an arbour or next to an entrance to the rear.
  • A swinging or rocking bench or chair will help calm and relax you. Rocking chairs require an erect base and swinging chairs, a strong beam to attach them to.
  • Refresh your wooden chairs and all outdoor woods with an application of garden paint which provides an extra layer of protection against the elements.

Smart chairs

  • Large seating must be weatherproof, as it’s difficult moving around.
  • If you’re planning to be able to use your outdoor seating during summer, look for weather-resistant cushions and quickly drying foam pads.
  • Fabrics with darker or more patterned patterns won’t exhibit marks as readily as lighter fabrics.
  • If your budget is limited Start with two or three modular pieces, and then increase the size with two-seater sofas, a corner unit, and a coffee table.
  • There should be plenty of space to move around. Modular seating should be used in decking or terrace, rather than the lawn because it is heavy and is hard to transport.
  • A glass-topped coffee table can create an informal, low-level dining area for outdoor meals.

Casual chairs

Typically, casual chairs seat only one person and are designed to offer comfort rather than style. However, different designs may be better suited to a certain body type. For example, taller individuals might prefer an outdoor lounge chair with a high back, which offers extra support to the back. Wider outdoor lounge chairs provide plenty of room to stretch your legs. For a more modern look, you can choose an ultra-modern design with a sleek, contemporary look.

  • Deckchairs, as well as foldable and stackable designs, are ideal for small balconies or gardens since they can be quickly removed after usage.
  • A hammock and hanging chair make for a relaxing and comfortable look that’s ideal to relax reading a book.
  • Kids will be delighted by the elasticity of huge outdoor beanbags as well as the floor cushions that they can lay on.

Small solutions

  • For the best value pick a lightweight shade that you can take along to the beach or to the park.
  • Create a fun environment for kids by putting up tents, covered seating as well as hanging cocoon-style seats.
  • Choose white or light shades as darker colours absorb more sunlight, and make it hot under the surface Look for fabrics that are UV-resistant to provide additional protection.
  • If you’re planning an important celebration, like a wedding, party, or anniversary celebration, a gazebo can be an investment worth it.
  • You should also think about heating your outdoor space, so you’re ready to dance all night long.
  • Parasols are a simple and affordable way to provide shade when the sun moves through the garden.

70 Amazing Garden Seats And Benches Outdoor Furniture backyard Ideas


Does Tesco own Dobbies?

We’ve been wondering about the company for a long time and have heard about rumours that it owns the garden centre chain. But does Tesco own Dobbies? The answer depends on how you look at it. In 2007, Dobbies was acquired by Booker for PS150 million. The deal involved the purchase of Dobbies by a group of retail industry veterans, including Richard Branson. While we’re not saying Tesco has taken over Dobbies, we’re sure this company is keeping their head office in Scotland.

Is Dobbies owned by Sainsburys?

Dobbies Garden Centres has struck an agreement to sell Sainsbury’s products just four years after the business was acquired by Tesco. Graeme Jenkins, Dobbies’ chief executive stated: “The partnership between Dobbies and Sainsbury’s is a perfect partnership, and we share the aim of providing the highest quality for the customers we serve.”

What do Dobbies sell?

Dobbies garden centres are set to stock Sainsbury’s own-brand products. The supermarket chain purchased the Dobbies Garden Centres chain in 2011, and will be selling more than 3,000 Sainsbury’s own-brand products in its stores. The first grocery stores will open in Edinburgh this month. In addition to its own-brand goods, Dobbies will be selling Cook frozen ready meals and Hotel Chocolat chocolates. The store will create 120 new jobs at the site.

When did Wyevale become Dobbies?

Until last year, Wyevale was the largest garden centre group in the UK, with more than 145 branches ranging from small horticultural centres to major leisure destinations. Since May 2018, Wyevale has sold 85 of its stores, including Percy Thrower’s Garden Centre, which was sold to Blue Diamond. The new company is Dobbies and has said that it will remain the third largest garden retailer in the UK.

Has Dobbies taken over Wyevale?

Have you been to a garden centre recently? You might have noticed that Wyevale has a branch in your town. It had several large branches across the UK, including ones in Shrewsbury, Gloucester, and Gailey. Dobbies has acquired five of these centres from Wyevale, which is a sign that they’re in the market for some consolidation. It’s not yet clear which of the other brands is going to be affected by this merger, but it’s worth a look.

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