Flat roofs are more common than you may think. Many are found on commercial buildings like offices, storage facilities, and so on…. but just as many can be found attached to residential homes. Car parks, garages, and additions often have flat roofing systems in place.

The major drawback to this type of roof? They are more susceptible to pooling water and water leaks. If water has been pooling or isn’t draining properly – pay attention. These are the best ways to remove water from your flat roofing system.

Remove Water From Your Flat Roofing System

Manually Removing The Water

A common misconception about flat roofing systems is that they are completely flat. This is rarely the case. It generally means that the incline is quite low. That makes water pooling a common issue following a serious rainstorm or a harsh winter. When your roof gets older, leaks and improper drainage become more and more likely. If water is pooling on your commercial or residential flat roof, you have options. One of them requires removing the water manually.

It may sound a little crazy – and work intensive – but this is one quick and effective way to say goodbye to that puddle of water. Following a storm, carefully climb up on the roof with a squeegee or a broom that has stiff bristles. From here, you will literally use the squeegee or broom to push any pooling water off the edge. This is quite simple, so it can always be done on your own. Something to keep in mind? Whenever you are climbing up on the roof it is important to follow proper safety procedures. Wear shoes with grips and have someone watching the ladder below.

Use Roofing Products For Flat Roofing Systems

If getting up on the roof every time it rains doesn’t sound appealing – that’s okay. There is another solution for your flat roof problem. It is applying an adhesive coating. There are products available that are designed specifically to work with flat roofing systems. They prevent water from pooling on the rooftop…and help it run off the edge of the roof. Applied correctly, this can dramatically affect the lifespan and durability of your flat roof. However, over time the coating can wear away. So, you will need to re-apply it every now and again to maintain a proper the level of protection.

The coating is normally applied during roof installation. If it has been a while (or if you notice that there has been pooling water on your rooftop) that is a clear sign it is time to re-apply the coating. Choose a flat roof coating from a trusted brand and apply it evenly along the rooftop. You can use either a rolling brush or a paintbrush to perform this task. Let it dry completely and pick a day that is warm and rain free to handle this do it yourself project. It will ensure the very best results for your roof.

Are you tired of dealing with water on your flat roofing system? Say goodbye to it once and for all. There are a few different methods of removal and prevention – so choose what works best for your budget and needs. Your flat roof will be better than ever before.

IKO Roofing understands how to remove water from a flat roof. They have experience bringing both residential and commercial roofing products to customers all over the country.

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