A water taxi or water bus, also referred to as commuter boat is a popular option for public transport in predominantly urban areas. Water taxis either operate in a method similar to a bus, which has multiple stops scheduled, or in a manner similar to a taxi, which operates on demand.

The difference between a water taxi and a ferry is that a ferry offers point-to-point connectivity unlike a water taxi that provides greater connectivity spanning a wider area. Water taxis can load and unload easily and effectively with the average water taxi being able to ferry more than 40 passengers at a time.

Transport by waterways is one of the oldest and most economical means of transport along with the added advantage of being environmentally sustainable. In Miami, water taxis are mainly used for tourism purposes rather than as a mainstream mode of public transport.

After a hiatus of over a decade, water taxis in Miami have made a strong comeback. Tourists prefer to cruise along the beautiful waterways of Miami while taking in panoramic views of the impressive Miami skyline.

Miami is one of the most tourist-friendly cities of the United States of America and it has so much to offer in terms of natural beauty as well as exciting entertainment opportunities from glorious beaches, art, and historical museums and a pulsating nightlife-Miami has it all.

Best Ways to Explore Miami

The best way to explore Miami is via water taxi because it has a number of advantages over surface-transit modes of transportation.

1. Aesthetic Appeal

Miami is blessed with a tropical climate, which is perfect for boat rides throughout the year. The abundant waterways in and around Miami are pristine and visually pleasing. Sit back and relax as you tour Miami through the beautiful bayside coastline of Miami. You can cruise through picturesque waterscapes with a drink in your hand, basking in the effervescent sunshine of Miami, enjoying gorgeous views of the skyscrapers of Miami.

2. Environment Friendly

Water taxis make use of the natural resource that is abundantly available-water. Travelling by water taxis helps to minimize the pollution and harmful emissions that are released in the atmosphere by surface transit vehicles. With the growing concern regarding the degradation of the earth and the depletion of the Ozone layer along with the rising apprehension about the greenhouse effect, it feels good to acknowledge that travelling by water taxi is a clean mode of transport having no adverse effects on the environment and the ecosystem.

3. Reduced Traffic

Travelling by road often results in being stuck in traffic for hours together that is extremely cumbersome. Compared to the traffic congestion existing in roadways, the waterway traffic is at a less frantic pace and you can reach your destination without being haplessly stuck in traffic at any point of time.

4. Great Connectivity

Water taxis usually connect Miami with South beach having stops scheduled at Bayside Marketplace, which is a one stop entertainment destination with live entertainment options and hundreds of stores- a shopping fantasy, Miami Beach Marina, the Omni Mall and the famed River walk station- A favorite haunt of the rich and the famous elite clientele of Miami, Finnegan’s River, Marlins stadium and many other places of interest within Miami. Tourists can travel to the hotspots of Miami while basking in the scenic beauty of the place in the most natural way possible. Water taxis in Miami have a hop-in and hop-off style of service that is both commuter-friendly and convenient.

5. Nominal Rates

One of the reasons for the rising popularity of water taxis is that along with being a thrilling adventure, it is also extremely economical as compared to privately hired vehicles. Rates for water taxis are nominal and pocket-friendly. It is the perfect mode of transport for the entire family as it is thrilling, fun and cheap.

Exploring the heart of Miami via the water taxi is the most affordable and exciting option for tourists. Miami is indeed the perfect holiday destination for a much needed break to rejuvenate your senses. Visit Miami, explore, and embark on an adventurous trip of a lifetime that you will leave you with fond memories and make you want to come back to it again and again.

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