Home buyer warranties provide buyers with peace of mind during the buying process and protect them against unexpected expenses associated with new home and system purchases.

After paying earnest money, broker fees, down payments and closing costs, the last thing new homeowners want is for unexpected repairs to deplete their emergency fund. A home warranty makes good financial sense! If you are interested in a good option in Maryland, you can see it here: https://www.cinchhomeservices.com/faq-library/-/faq/home-warranty-ohio

Peace of Mind

Home warranty companies provide consumers with peace of mind by offering service contracts that cover the costs associated with repair or replacement for appliances and systems in their homes, particularly if these devices have reached or neared the end of their lifespan. Home warranties provide important peace of mind to buyers purchasing homes containing older equipment nearing its end of expected service life.

Home warranties offer numerous advantages to homeowners beyond garbage disposal looking for protection from unexpected repairs without draining their emergency savings account. Plus, home warranties make life simpler as companies typically handle scheduling and correspondence for you! Just have patience and you will be able to quickly figure out what works and what does not work.

Home warranties can be an attractive feature of a seller’s offering in an increasingly buyer-driven market, acting both as an incentive to attract potential buyers or as an essential requirement of closing. A fully paid one-year warranty can add extra negotiating leverage when the buyer skips an inspection altogether; according to trade groups most homeowners tend to be satisfied with their home warranties but sometimes there may be complaints lodged against them.

Coverage Options

Home warranty companies typically offer several plans that meet different customer needs, depending on which plan is chosen. A warranty could cover all systems and appliances or just some major ones such as water heater and HVAC units; additional coverage options such as pools and well pumps may also be provided by some plans.

Real estate agents frequently advise their clients to include a home buyer warranty as part of the sale process, to help budget for future expenses and have more peace of mind when buying their new home.

Home warranty plans offer sellers an effective closing incentive, providing financial protection in case an appliance or system breaks down while their home is still for sale. Some home warranty providers even provide plans free of cost during listing periods to attract potential buyers. Since every provider covers different items, it’s advisable to compile a comprehensive list of home systems and appliances prior to shopping for coverage policies.


An extended home warranty can provide peace of mind to buyers who don’t have enough savings saved up for unexpected repair or replacement expenses, complementing homeowners insurance by limiting out-of-pocket expenses on covered items.

Cost of home buyer warranties depends on the level and types of coverage selected by a homeowner, property type (single-family detached home, townhome or condo) and its location as factors affecting costs.

Home buyer warranties typically cost less than homeowner warranties due to an already repaired house being on the market, making repairs less likely due to wear and tear. Sellers sometimes offer to cover the first year of home warranty as a negotiation tactic and save buyers on closing costs while giving them time to decide if continuing it after moving in is appropriate for them; real estate agents also often provide this as part of their seller services package.

Customer Service

An affordable home warranty from a reputable provider provides valuable protection to both buyers and sellers. In addition to safeguarding against unexpected expenses, having such coverage makes the sales process simpler and smoother for all involved.

When selecting the ideal home warranty provider, compare plan options and pricing details before making your selection. Furthermore, reading customer reviews online provides valuable insight into their reputation for service in your locality.

One home warranty company appears to have great reviews online, yet when checked with Better Business Bureau ratings they only earned a one-star average and over 10,000 complaints! This company may not be suitable for New York homeowners. A reliable home warranty provider should always cover legitimate repairs under their contract without exception and an exclusive buyer agent is an effective way of explaining its terms.

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