Seen by many as an easy way to escape the daily grind of a corporate IT career, freelance web design is a frequent goal of technology geeks. However, freelancing doesn’t mean avoiding stress or difficult projects. Clients can be even worse to deal with than coworkers or a demanding boss.

Clients won’t always understand the rules of working with a web designer, which is why you need to protect yourself if you want to go into this field. Luckily, has created an infograph giving you everything you need to avoid horrible web design clients.

First, you’ll see the ignorant statements that every client will make at some point, plus the frustrating comments you can expect from the worst clients. Second, you’ll get useful tips on protecting yourself from fraud. Finally, you’ll read statistics on the average salary, gender and healthcare benefits of a web designer. You’ll also learn if earning a degree in web design matters.

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Web Design Client

The Anatomy of a Horrible Web Design Client

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