There was a time when neighbors knew neighbors, when residents chatted with delivery people and with the owner of the small hardware store down the street. There was a time before the pandemic, before indifferent package drops from Amazon. And there was a time when shopping and deliveries were personal.

Carlos Colon, a Philadelphia real estate investor and tax analyst, has recaptured that experience in a new courier app service, ThankX.

“It’s a throwback to a previous way of thinking,” says Bruce Leto, Jr., co-owner of Design With Artisan, a web site design and marketing firm. ThankX is one of Design With Artisan’s clients. Leto’s firm designed the ThankX website and is working with the Villanova University School of Business and other strategic partners to help Carlos bring ThankX to consumers.

Courier Service

The courier service was designed as a solution to the pandemic’s isolation, with deliveries that are COVID-19 safe but still personal. Realizing everyone would be stuck in their homes with nothing to do and nowhere to go, Carlos saw a delivery need, and a need to stay connected.

“ThankX inspires hope and gratitude during tumultuous times such as the COVID-19 pandemic,” states a ThankX release.The altruistic, mission-centered app offers a one-on-one exchange that connects someone with a need to an item in their community. So every delivery has a unique story behind it.

Customized P2P Service

It’s a versatile, customized P2P service. Juan can order food delivered from his mom’s favorite local food store to her home while she’s isolating during the pandemic. Meanwhile, Joe can use ThankX to borrow his friend Larry’s Xbox for the weekend. Lastly, Sally can send medication to her abuela in a safe, effective, and COVID-friendly manner.

Did you know that over 65% of Americans plan on celebrating December holidays at home this year?

ThankX App

In the spirit of the holidays, Carlos is now offering FREE downloads of his ThankX App – to continue to spread the holiday cheer (through 12/31)!

Download today and be part of the community-centered, inspiring P2P movement!


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