An Indian man working with average salary never thought he would afford a car with his income. Obviously not be because the car is too expensive for him and he will not buy.

But we say “After Cloudy Rains there is a Rainbow”.

Similarly no one thought “Tata Motors” will come up with this idea of Car at just 1 Lac Rupees. Yes that’s right, “Tata Motors” has manufactured a car named “Tata Nano” at just 1 Lac Rupees. Now its affordable to everyone. Every Indian can fulfill his dreams of driving his own car. Hence the tag line it states “Khushiyon Ki Chaabi” which means “Key to Happiness”.


Tata Nano is small in size and price it looks good. Nowadays, it has launched more 2 new models in which they have introduced more features, more customer satisfaction. But as the features increase the price also increases. It comes in different colors Yellow, Red and White etc.

Well we all know every coin has 2 sides, so Tata Nano has some disadvantages also. Since its small in size so not comfortable to everyone. Speed is slow.

Not good pick up, hence it cannot be taken on high places.

Tata Nano does not has AC, well in the hottest season whats the use of car which does not have an A.C. though the new models has it but with extra price.

Tata Nano is seen on Indian Highways too, people do go for outing with their family in this small car.

Its best to take on a holiday trip enjoying with family it’s an ideal car for small family.

Tata Nano has 2 new models: Tata Nano CX and Tata Nano LX.

Tata Nano LX is the most advance version.

The price for Tata Nano LX is also more it goes upto 2.26 Lacs approx as compared to previous versions.

The new version has Front & Rear Fog Lamps. It also has options for Tinted Glass.

It also includes A.C. for hot season and heater for winter season.

Though Tata Nano is of low price but everyone cannot manage huge amount of money to give at the same time, hence they also have EMI (Easy Monthly Installments) options for those who cannot give the complete payment at one time.

Tata Nano weighs around 600-635 kg. depends on the model and the accessories purchased.

Overall it’s a nice car for those who want the feeling of driving a brand new car in less budget.

After all human tends to fulfill their dreams.. Well we get second hand car in the same price but New is always New! Well Tata Nano is a quite common these days we find on roads , highways etc.

Simple Affordable and Lightweight that’s Tata Nano, Value for money and Dream Come True.

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