Long and thick hair is something a woman can be proud of. But not everyone is generously endowed with good quality hair. The solution can be hair extensions. One of the methods used to create beautiful hairstyles is hair extensions. Tape-in hair extensions are especially popular. Why? Check it out!

Tape-in hair extensions – new, better hair in no time!

Hair with great length, volume, and thickness is said to be reserved for red carpet stars. But is it really true? Not exactly! It’s obvious, that popular actresses or models use hair extensions, so can you! They are not as damaging and costly as many think. Especially, when it comes to the tape-in method. What is it exactly? The extensions are pre-taped and attached to the natural hair with a special adhesive. When made by a professional, your hair extensions will look natural and seamless! Why tape-in hair extensions are a thing for you? Find out!

1. Low cost, great result

Tape-ins are one of the most cost-effective hair extensions available. Tape hair extensions are to be bought in an Internet shop, and the prices are quite reasonable. The products are high-quality and you can choose from almost all hair colors! No matter, if you have black hair, white hair, or red hair, you can be sure, you will find the right product. The quickness of the application is also price-lowering. Even if you have it done by a professional, the cost of the service is usually low. If you are skillful enough, you may try installing the extensions at home alone or with a help of a friend.

2. Hair extensions gentle to your hair

Tape-ins are one of the least damaging to your hair from all the methods available. The tapes are lightweight, so they do not pull your hair out. Other methods of hair extensions, e.g. clip-in, may cause damage to the hair, and well-installed tape-ins are completely harmless to your natural hair and also very easy to remove. Because of the flexibility of this method, tape-ins are great for either thin or fine hair.

3. You may reuse them!

Yes, tape-in hair extensions are reusable! You can take them off, wash them and re-apply them. Good quality tapes can last even 3-4 applications. You can use the tapes even if you change the haircut or hair color. Tapes can be cut and colored.

4. Thin & Invisible = Super Flexible

Tape-ins can be worn in almost every type of hairstyle – from a high ponytail to an elegant braid. They are almost invisible and lightweight. They are also very easy to maintain. You can easily blowdry them, wash them and wear them again!

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