In our everyday life, we all our very much concerned about our health. We undertake many precautions to prevent ourselves from various diseases prevailing these days. But, despite of using so many precautions, some diseases are like that they caught us anyhow. Along with the illness, one thing is there which is also unavoidable i.e. expenses on treatment. These are such which causes a great burden on the person’s earning. Though in today’s era, we are occupied with many of the saving plans which could help us in getting the money at the time of emergency. One of the saving options in context to this is Insurance companies.

Insurance is done to protect your possessions, property, life, etc. nowadays it has also been diversifying its branches in the health sector. Health Insurance serves as a saving tool for those who want to save money for those unexpected costly events which occur accidently. In the technical sense, health insurance is used to describe any type of insurance that provides protection against any injury or illness.

This insurance industry is also filled with swindlers who are growing their fraudulent business on a large scale these days. These types of people are always ready in a chance to take advantage of people’s weaknesses. They mostly target middle class people who are small business owners and self employed persons. While opting for a health insurance, one must be aware of these scammers who pretend to be a real agent but it was just a mere piece of drawing.

If we talk about the symptoms of health insurance fraud, there are some hints which can help us to be relieved from the scam. Some are:

health insurance fraud

Threaten technique

It’s a very sure shot technique to guess about the real insurance agent. Fake insurance agents will show up a dangerous picture of illness and its effects in front of you relating to you, your family, and children and provoke you to take a health insurance plan. This show off is enough to indicate you that beware of this agent as a real agent will never show this kind of attitude just to sell the plan. Rather it will provide you only the benefits along with healthy tips to make you tension free.

Questions remain unanswered

Many fake agents are unable to answer all the questions asked by customers regarding the plans. This indication is sufficient for one to avoid such agents. Another reason for the ignoring the query is that many of them hide certain important information which they like to use as a fraud after some time. Try to avoid such persons as they possess the capability to confuse you and convince you with their tactics.

Pressurize to join today

Some agents put the pressure on their clients to get the policy the very day they have applied for. They hardly want to give time to think or review the plan. They sometimes say that this special offer is only limited for that very day. Or if you take this offer today, you will get this much discount, etc. whatever be the reason, it’s better to avoid such agents who follow these kind of tactics.

Unbelievable benefits

Some fake agents promise you to give some unbelievable benefits which are almost impossible to accomplish like discount in medicines, hospital stays, etc. They inculcate this technique just to have your confidence in them. Remember, health insurance is not meant for getting discounts, it’s a program designed to give funds at the time of health emergency only.

Check the License

This is very important factor to check the originality of an insurance company. Whenever applying for health insurance, just ask the agents to show up their papers, certificates and more important a valid license, which indicates that the company is genuine.

List of providers

Some companies and agents will provide you a list of some specialist doctors and their network hospitals to show their area of working. This could be a fraud in case that this kind of list can easily be prepared just by the means of little survey on internet. To know that it is a fraud, they can ask you to take up the plan without having a cross check on the list. Beware of such agents.

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