Cheats for The Sims 4: This article will cover all you need to know about Sims 4 cheats for PC, PS4 or Xbox One. This extensive, carefully curated list of cheats for The Sims 4 allows you to make money, avoid death, and adjust your Career and Skill levels. We also have cheats for Get to Work, and other expansion packs. For expansion-specific information, please see the bottom of this list. You can also find more EA cheats, such as MoveObjects and ignore career unlocks.

How to Cheat

Press the following button to use cheats Control + Shift + Command. To toggle the console on or off. This can be done on Xbox or Playstation using the four buttons at the shoulder. After entering the cheat, press enter. You must use the following for many cheats: Testcheats. They will not work. Cheats can only be used in live mode (F2).

You don’t have to use The Sims 4 cheats. You can get whatever you want because it’s a game that is all about wish fulfillment. Paranormal Stuff Packs will allow you to focus on more exciting spooky stuff, such as money, satisfaction points, real estate, and free real estate. Sims cheats are a standard part of The Sims, so don’t be afraid to use them to solve any problems.

These The Sims 4 cheats could open up new avenues and possibilities for your digital alter egos or pets (depending on how you treat them). Because the game is so open-ended, cheating is not an issue. It’s more about making The Sims 4 reality better and allowing you to have fun. We’ll be showing you how to activate cheats and highlighting the most important ones for Xbox, PS4 or PC.

The following Sims 4 cheats are our top picks. They will help you become a Simleon millionaire, increase your Sims’ skills, unlock special items, and make you a Sim.

HOW TO USE CHEATS / The Sims 4 Console (PS4, Xbox One)

How to enable cheats within The Sims 4

You must first open the secret cheat option before you can enter any The Sims 4 cheat codes.

  • Cheats for The Sims 4 PC: Hold Shift and Ctrl, then press c
  • Cheats for The Sims 4 Mac: Hold Command and Shift, then press C
  • Cheats for The Sims 4 PS4: Press down all four buttons on your shoulders at once
  • Cheats for The Sims 4 Xbox One: Press down all four buttons on your shoulders at once

In the upper right corner, a box will appear where you can enter cheat codes.

Sims 4 Shift-click Cheats

The most important Sims 4 cheat code to enter is Testingcheats is true This unlocks additional cheats and allows for you to shift-click Sims, items, etc. to reveal more cheat options. Press X+O (PS4) and A+B (XBO simultaneously to shift-click consoles.

  • Shift-click the Sim you wish to modify the needs of and select Cheats are a must Then Be Happy To improve their mood
  • By selecting, you can also lock in their needs.Cheats are a must Then Disabled Need Decay
  • Click Shift-click on Sims to choose Reset the object To reset their status
  • Click Shift-click to select an area of ground. Teleport Sim To transport a Sim from that location
  • Click Shift-click on Sim to select Modify in CAS You can edit them in Create a Sim, other than their names and inherited traits.
  • Click Shift-click an object and then choose Reset the object Reset its status
  • Click Shift-click an object, then choose either Make Dirty Or Get Clean To change the item’s status

The Sims 4 Money Cheats

  • Rosebud: Receive 1,000 Similons
  • Kaching: Receive 1,000 Similons
  • Motherlode: Receive 50,000 Similons
  • Money X: To set the exact amount of similleons you need for your household, replace X by a number
  • Get Free Real Estate: All neighbourhood lots are free
  • FreeRealEstate: Return original prices
  • True household.autopay_bills: Turn your household bills off
  • False household.autopay_bills: Turn your household bills on again

The Sims 4 – Infinite Money Cheat

Sims 4 romance and friendship cheats

  • Relationships. Create_friends_for_sim: Create a new Sim who is already friend with you
  • Relationship.introduce_sim_to_all_others: Introduce your Sim to all their neighbors
  • Modification of a relationship[YourSimFirstName][YourSimLastName][TargetSimFirstName][TargetSimLastName]X LTR_Friendship_Main X can be replaced with the value that changes the level of friendship between Sims. 100 will increase friendship and 100 will decrease it.
  • Modification of a relationship[YourSimFirstName][YourSimLastName][TargetSimFirstName][TargetSimLastName]X LTR_Romance_Main X can be replaced with the value that changes the level of romance between Sims. 100 will increase romance and 100 will decrease it.

The Sims 4: How to Have Twins With Cheats and Without

Sims 4 cheats and needs

  • sims.fill_all_commodities: Fills all Motives
  • Fillmotive motive_bladder: Fills a specific purpose
  • Fillmotive motive_energy: Fills a specific purpose
  • Fillmotive motivation_fun: Fills a specific purpose
  • Fillmotive motivation_hunger: Fills a specific purpose
  • Fillmotive motive_hygiene: Fills a specific purpose
  • Fillmotive motive_social: Fills a specific purpose
  • sims.give_satisfaction_points: Replace X with the number satisfaction points you want to give your Sim
  • Aspirations.complete_current_milestone: Complete your Sim’s current aspirational goal
  • stats.set_skill_level[Skill Name]X: To set the skill level of your Sim, replace X by 1-10 (10 = maximum) and swap[Skill Name]Any of the following skills are required:
  • Major_Bartending
  • Major_Charisma
  • Major_Comedy
  • Major_Fishing
  • Skill_Fitness
  • Major_Gardening
  • Major_GourmetCooking
  • Major_Guitar
  • Major_Handiness
  • Major_HomestyleCooking
  • Major_Logic
  • Major_Mischief
  • Major_Painting
  • Major_Photography
  • Major_Piano
  • Major_Programming
  • Major_RocketScience
  • Major_VideoGaming
  • Major_Violin
  • Major_Writing
  • Death.toggle real: Sims are immortal
  • Death.toggle false: Sims are still mortal
  • sims.add_buff Ghostly: Make your Sim a ghost for four hours in-game

The Sims 4: How to Use Mods

Cheats for The Sims 4 items

  • bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement: Unlock special career items in building mode
  • bb.showhiddenobjects: Show hidden items in the build/buy catalogue that you don’t normally have access to
  • bb.enablefreebuild: You can build anything you want anywhere
  • bb.moveobjects: You can place objects wherever you like, even in places that the grid doesn’t allow.

Sims 4 World and UI Cheats

  • Resetsim[SimFirstName][SimLastName]/: If they are stuck, reset their Sim name
  • The headline effects on: Enable the headline effects above Sims like speech bubbles and plumbobs
  • Headline effects off: Disable the headline effects
  • Hovereffects: Hover effects can be enabled when the cursor is over a Sim
  • Hovereffects Off: Disable the hover effects
  • fullscreenToggle: You can switch between fullscreen or windowed mode of the game
  • Fps: Turn on the FPS display at the corner of your screen
  • Fps Off: Turn off the FPS display


What it Does

testingcheats on Enables testing cheats in The Sims 4
kaching Money cheat that gives the family $1000
motherlode Gives the family $50,000 Simoleans
resetsim firstname lastname Resets a stuck Sim.
death.toggle true/false Disables death
headlineeffects on/off Enables or disables headline effects (good for screenshots).
freerealestate on/off Makes homes free when typed while shopping for a house.
household.autopay_bills true/false Enable or disable bills for the household
fps on/off Display the game’s frames per second, useful when tuning graphics settings.
hovereffects on/off Disable hover effect when you mouse-over a Sim
fullscreen Toggle fullscreen/windowed mode
bb.showliveeditobjects Released in the July 2019 Cas Story Mode Patch. You must first use TestingCheats on then bb.ShowHiddenObjects and finally bb.ShowLiveEditObjects for this cheat to work! Disable with bb.ShowLiveEditObjects False.
bb.moveobjects Allows you to move objects anywhere you want, good for building. Use the 9 and 0 keys to adjust the item you’re ‘holding’.
bb.showhiddenobjects The old buydebug cheat – lets you buy many hidden objects.
bb.enablefreebuild Build anywhere, even on locked lots.
bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement Ignore Gameplay Unlocks Entitlement – lets you buy items locked by careers.
sims.give_satisfaction_points x Gives a Sim x amount of satisfaction points with which you can buy rewards. Sims.give_satisfaction_points 5000 for example.
fillmotive x use fillmotive motive_energy or fillmotive motive_hunger

The Sims 4 – How to Build (Cheats, Tricks & Tips)

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