Understanding your curb appeal’s value is vital to feel confident about your home and consider the future of your home value. Do you plan on staying in your home forever or selling it down the road? The right exterior and, more specifically, the right paint color will make all of the difference. Here are all the signs you need to look out for that tell you it’s time to repaint the exterior.

Signs of Cracking

Initial signs that it’s time to repaint include peeling and cracking, and chipping of the paint that is already there. Weathering takes a significant toll on the outside, and these are telltale signs that it’s time to spruce up the exterior. In addition to poor appeal, leaving rotting paint unaddressed is a potential problem, as it could lead to mold and dry rot issues. If you notice these signs, you should seriously consider repainting the exterior. Whether you like to DIY or want to opt for professional work, you can learn more here to see if you can find the help you need.

Signs of Color Fade on Exterior Painting

It’s natural for paint to fade over time. If your home is surrounded by shade, your paint color will likely last longer. It’s important that you remember that dark colors fade at a much faster rate than light colors, so when you consider exterior painting, you should opt for lighter shades for the paint to be long-lasting.

Signs of Shrinkage

Signs of shrinkage include gaps between wooden boards. This is a sign that moisture is getting into your home’s material. This could lead to issues like mold and dry rot. It will be essential to repaint your exterior to prevent these issues. Painting alone may not be enough to prevent damage, so we suggest you hire a professional to give you a better idea on what is needed for proper upkeep.

You are Selling your Home

Painting the exterior is essential if you’re choosing to sell your home. You want to show potential homebuyers that you have a well-maintained home and a fresh coat of paint will certainly give off this feeling. Adding to your home’s appeal will also add to the asking price, giving you more reason to pursue exterior painting.

If your Home is Made of Brick

If your home is made of a brick exterior, you’ll want to maintain the exterior by having it power-washed every few years. If you know that the brick exterior has not been power-washed recently, it is a good sign that it’s time for a professional power-wash to take place. This prevents moisture from seeping into the brick and keeps the bricks looking fresh and durable. Excess water can lead to wear and tear, so it’s best to follow the two-year rule and get power-washed for maintenance purposes.

We know that painting the exterior of your home is a significant endeavor, but it’s truly worth the effort no matter what your intentions are. Take care of potential damage and give your home the makeover it deserves whether you were selling or staying for the long-haul.