Discover the secrets of Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum in this review. Learn about the fragrance, its notes, and what makes it so unique.

Introduction to Baccarat Rouge 540

Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum is a luxurious fragrance that has captivated the world of perfume enthusiasts since its release in 2016. This exquisite scent, crafted by the renowned Maison Francis Kurkdjian, is a refined and enchanting expression of Baccarat’s iconic crystal heritage. In this review, we will delve into the secrets of this magical elixir and explore its fragrance notes, the history of the brand, the uniqueness of the scent, and its overall performance.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes

The top notes of Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait open with a delightful blend of jasmine and saffron, creating a rich and inviting floral aroma. These notes set the stage for a sensory journey as they give way to the fragrance’s heart.

Middle Notes

In the middle notes, the scent evolves with the addition of ambergris and amber wood. This unique combination adds depth and warmth to the fragrance, showcasing the masterful blending techniques of Francis Kurkdjian.

Base Notes

As the fragrance reaches its base, the cedar and fir resin notes provide an earthy and grounding finish. These elements bring a sense of sophistication and elegance, making Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait a timeless and alluring perfume.

Brand History

Origins of Baccarat

Baccarat is a world-famous French crystal manufacturer founded in 1764. The brand is synonymous with luxury and elegance, creating exquisite pieces for royalty and the elite. Over time, Baccarat’s reputation has grown beyond its crystal creations to encompass other luxurious items, including fragrances.

The Maison Francis Kurkdjian Collaboration

In 2014, Baccarat partnered with master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the brand. The result was Baccarat Rouge 540, a fragrance that embodies the spirit of the brand’s crystal heritage. Following the success of the original Baccarat Rouge 540, the Extrait de Parfum version was launched in 2016.

The uniqueness of the scent

The Crystal Bottle

One of the most distinguishing features of Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait is its stunning crystal bottle. The iconic Baccarat crystal chandelier inspires the design, showcasing the brand’s commitment to excellence and luxury.

The Extrait Difference

The Extrait de Parfum version of Baccarat Rouge 540 boasts a higher concentration of fragrance oils, making it more intense and long-lasting.

The Alchemy of Ingredients

The unique combination of notes in Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait creates a mesmerizing scent that is both captivating and mysterious. The fragrance’s alchemy of ingredients produces an almost ethereal quality, making it stand out among other high-end perfumes.

Performance and Wearability


Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait is known for its impressive longevity. Due to the higher concentration of fragrance oils, the scent can last up to 12 hours or more, depending on factors such as skin chemistry and environmental conditions.


The sillage of Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait is moderate to heavy, leaving a noticeable trail without being overwhelming. This makes it an ideal fragrance for those who want to make a statement without overpowering their surroundings.


Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait’s versatile nature makes it suitable for various occasions, from intimate gatherings to extravagant events. Its sophisticated and luxurious aura is perfect for day and night wear, making it a must-have addition to any fragrance collection.

Comparisons to Other Fragrances

While Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait is a unique and captivating scent, it has been compared to other high-end fragrances due to its luxurious and enchanting qualities. Some notable comparisons include Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry and Clive Christian’s No. 1 Imperial Majesty. However, Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait stands out with its distinctive notes blend and unparalleled elegance.

Value and Pricing

Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait is undeniably a luxury fragrance whose price reflects this status. However, considering the quality of ingredients, the masterful blending by Francis Kurkdjian, and the exquisite crystal bottle, it can be seen as a worthwhile investment for fragrance connoisseurs and collectors.


In conclusion, Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait is a remarkable fragrance that embodies the spirit of the Baccarat brand. Its alluring and enchanting scent, stunning presentation, and lasting performance make it a true masterpiece in the world of luxury perfumes. Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum is undoubtedly worth exploring if you are searching for an exquisite and unforgettable scent.


Is Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait unisex?

Yes, Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait is a unisex fragrance that both men and women can enjoy.

How does Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait differ from the original Baccarat Rouge 540?

Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait has a higher concentration of fragrance oils, resulting in a more intense and long-lasting scent than the original version.

Where can I purchase Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait?

Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait can be purchased at high-end department stores, Baccarat boutiques, and select online retailers.

Is Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait is versatile enough to be worn daily, although its luxurious nature may make it more suitable for special occasions.

What is the size of the Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait bottle?

Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait is typically available in 70 ml (2.4 oz) bottles.

Are there any other products available in the Baccarat Rouge 540 fragrance line?

Yes, there is a range of Baccarat Rouge 540 products, including body cream, hair mist, and scented candles.

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