The Central Government has decided to keep all educational institutions, museums, gyms, swimming pools and theaters closed till 31st of this month in view of the infection of Coronavirus.

In view of the spread of Coronavirus infection, the central government has decided to close all educational institutions, museums, gyms, swimming pools and theaters by 31st of this month.

Consultation has been sent to the state governments in this regard. Students have been advised to stay at home. The Ministry of Health has launched a toll-free number 1075 to inquire about Coronavirus infection. The government has asked the private sector to allow its employees to work from home as far as possible.

However, the decision to close the schools and colleges was taken in early March itself. Now all the private companies have started the facility to work from home to their workers. With the facility of working from home, a company has also started ‘School at Home’ service.

The education company Lead School has started the ‘Lead School at Home- School at Home’ service for children from home (this is one of the quickest eLearning solutions implemented worldwide). It is an online live school facility that helps children to continue studying at home. The company claims that more than three lakh students will be benefited in the coming days.

Live online classes

The company said that Delhi, Bengaluru, Maharashtra and Haryana schools have been closed. Apart from this, other state governments are also issuing guidelines to close schools. In such a situation the company will run live online classes for the remaining parts of the course. In this, a student of any class will be able to start studies from the lesson or chapter where he/she was taught before the school was closed.

Lead school co-founder and CEO Sumit Mehta said that continuity and integration of studies are important for children. Therefore, the Lead School is supporting all its participating schools so that they can ensure the smooth learning of their students. Through our integrated system, we can know the incomplete units of each grade of all our schools. And provide the necessary online course material to complete the syllabus before the commencement of examinations.

They can study by watching the video.

He said that the recorded videos will be available for the students who do not attend the live classes. He can see it according to his convenience. Homework will be given to students on the app designed for the parents of the lead school so that no part of their education is missed until the schools reopen.

Lead school is a system integrating schools, principals, teachers and parents. In this, the participation of everyone is ensured by bringing school-related activities on one platform. More than 800 schools across the country use the system of lead school.