Taking your vehicle to an auto shop for repairs assures you that the dealership’s services will include OEM (original equipment manufacturer) car parts. Yet, an independent car shop will most likely use aftermarket auto parts.

Although it’s nothing wrong with implementing used car parts, you are advised to opt for a competent independent shop to be 100% sure that your vehicle is in good hands.

Aftermarket parts feature great benefits; they’re cheaper, which can only mean that you won’t need a fortune to do some essential repairs to your vehicle.


A better understanding of aftermarket car parts

Aftermarket auto parts features parts that were not made by the car’s manufacturer. In case the parts are direct replacements, they won’t interfere in any way with the warranty of your vehicle. There are plenty of companies out there that make aftermarket parts, and in some case they’re better than the originals. Nowadays, more than 80% of most independent car shops make use of aftermarket parts. As a customer, it’s extremely important to stay informed. Prior to deciding on a shop, look around to make sure you’re choosing a good mechanic. Ask friends for help, go online to check reviews, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. It’s only natural for a car owner to want high-quality aftermarket auto parts implemented in this vehicle.

Great benefits of aftermarket auto parts

Unlike like OEM car parts, aftermarket variants are a lot cheaper. The amount of money that you’re saving depends on the brand. Just because independent car shops don’t use original car pieces, doesn’t mean the parts they use are not of the highest quality. Devote some time shopping around to find the best price, and get a general idea of how much that car part will cost you. Sometimes, the price you’ll be asked to pay will seem too good to be true, so you can’t expect it to be that great. It doesn’t hurt to ask about quality just to be sure.


Aftermarket car parts can be better than OEM

Can you imagine that it’s possible to save money on upgrades and repairs without compromising the quality of the auto parts used on your vehicles? In special cases, aftermarket parts can have a greater quality than OEM parts. Companies that sell aftermarket parts are also trying to work out the weaknesses of their pieces. For example, when a car maker designs brake pads, they must additionally balance durability, cost, performance, and noise levels. However, if you’re looking for increased performance and you don’t have a problem with the added brake noise (some pads have this tendency to squeak although they’re great at stopping the car), aftermarket parts might be your greatest choice.

The beauty of aftermarket auto parts is that there are numerous companies out there that make and use them. Some of them are specialized on specific parts while others, such as NAPA, are able to make any type of part one can think of. Increasingly more variety means that they’re a greater selection, and thus a wider variety of prices. Another great benefit of aftermarket parts is that they’re readily available. Local mechanic shops, gas stations, and independent shops are constantly equipped; OEM parts on the other hand, are often extremely difficult to find.

The aftermarket auto parts industry is thriving

In the United States, the aftermarket car parts industry has been converted into profitable businesses. People are holding on to their vehicles for extensive periods of time because of the economic crisis, and therefore these cars must be constantly restored. Because of the affordable cost of aftermarket parts, the demand is extremely high, not to mention that a lot of owners are also interested in customizing and upgrading their car’s technical and aesthetic appeal.


Several aftermarket companies make huge profits because of their ability to provide cars with outstanding performance. Several of these include custom air intakes, special rims, specially-designed sound systems, unique graphics, and more. A lot of car owners want to take their beauties to the next level, and make them faster than any other similar models on the streets. Automobile performance advancements like upgraded transmissions, high-end carburetors, and modified suspensions will certainly make your vehicle stand out.

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