Halloween is an exciting time of the year for people of all ages. Children get to dress up for the night and adults have an excuse to go back to their youth! Teenagers, however, are at an age where they may be coming out of the trick-or-treat phase but aren’t quite old enough to hang out at the club with their friends. This often leads to house parties packed with teenagers having a good time.

Regardless of what a teen chooses to do for their Halloween holiday, it is imperative that they follow a few safety rules.

1. Be Careful Driving

Staying safe on the roads is important during any part of the year, but with thousands of children running the streets, it’s especially important on Halloween night. If a teen’s costume restricts their eyesight or mobility in any way, they should wait until they get to their destination to put it on. It’s also important to drive slowly when in neighborhoods and keep an eye out for dangerous drivers. Our accident lawyer New York City contact warns that thousands of drunk drivers hit the streets every Halloween, so it’s important to stay exceptionally alert on this night.

2. Always have a Cell Phone

Teenager’s hardly go anywhere without a cell phone attached to their hip, and Halloween should be no different. The phone may not go well with their pirate or fairy costume, but it’s still imperative to have in case anything goes awry during the night. This will allow an adolescent to contact their parents if they need to or get in touch with their friends if they happen to get separated.

3. Choose Costumes Carefully

Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes should not hinder a person’s mobility in any way. Parties can sometimes get out of hand, so if a young lady doesn’t do well with high heels on a daily basis, it’s probably best that she refrains from wearing them on Halloween. It’s also important to dress properly for the night’s events. If a teen plans on walking around downtown when it’s minus 10 degrees outside, skimpy maid costumes probably aren’t the best idea. If it’s unseasonably hot outdoors, a giant mascot outfit probably isn’t smart either. Indoor activities provide a much better atmosphere for an array of costumes.

4. Do Not Drink

Teens are told all of the time not to drink, but this is especially important on Halloween night. Teen parties with alcohol can often lead to violent fights or sexual assaults. Alcohol is a leading contributor to both of these instances, so it’s important for a teen to keep a clear head, regardless of what everyone around them is doing. Unfortunately, many teens are simply not going to heed this good advice. In the event that a teenager does become intoxicated on Halloween night, it is imperative that they stay with their group of friends. Going off with strangers or being isolated is a terrible idea anytime, but it can lead to serious trouble when a bunch of puberty driven youngsters are intoxicated.

It’s also vital not to drive after consuming alcohol. This means that a teen should call their parents to get home if they are intoxicated and none of their friends are sober enough to drive. Parents will be much more distraught if their teen is in an alcohol related car accident than they would be from having to drive out and pick their teen up.

Teenagers are just at the right age to enjoy Halloween without having to go house to house seeking candy. The holiday presents a host of dangers, however, that are more abundant than on other nights of the year. It’s always great to have fun on Halloween night, but it’s also important to stay as safe as possible. Following a few safety guidelines will ensure that a teen and everyone around them can have just as much fun next Halloween.

Georgina Clatworthy is a legal writer who posts regularly on topics relating to accidents and vehicle incidents. She contributes this post for The Perecman Firm, an accident lawyer New York City-based group. Whether it is an accident on Halloween or on any other night of the year, their attorneys can help advise on the next steps and the potential for claiming damages for injuries and loss of property.

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