Remodeling Homes with Style for This Holiday Season

Budgeting during the holiday season can be difficult but, not impossible. Although, it does take some wise and responsible decisions when shopping for the home décor on a budget. This means dealing with shopping online (and off) for those home interior and exterior remodeling products that are needed for an amazing remodel.

All in all, you may feel the temptation to indulge in that holiday spending. But, do not give in because this is part of the holiday hype for spending sprees. Especially if you are planning on remodeling your home or you plan on doing a home makeover.

House Makeover Ideas from the Start

House Makeover Ideas

Jotting down a list of where you would like to begin is a safe start. In fact, ask yourself specific questions by writing them down. For instance, what area of your home should be easiest? Which one do you think would be the most difficult?

Simply think under $500 is best for a house makeover idea. There are plenty of possibilities but, remember one room at a time. With this in mind, ask yourself this question, “Which room should I begin remodeling?”

  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Bedrooms (i.e. kids, main, guest…)
  • Bathrooms (i.e. kids, main, guest…)
  • Living room
  • Den
  • Outdoor patio
  • And so on …

1. One Room at a Time


Knowing exactly what room to start with is first and foremost. In other words, if you want to begin with specific rooms in your home, start with a purpose. For instance, do you have the painting or shelving that is needed? You may even have a price list you want as a guide. Remember, you don’t have to be cheap, but this season there will be many sales that are individually priced according to the theme, style, color …etc.

In general, shopping while you go into the holiday season can be overwhelming because of all the season’s shopping deals. Start with accessories, shelving, paintings, artwork …and so on. (Remember, write it all down so as to brainstorm these ideas before you go out and shop!)

2. Budget on Shelves


Shelving is one of the most important and one of the most functional elements in any room of a house. House makeover ideas have functional purposes. Specific wood-made shelves can be costly. Compare the pricing at your local “store box” stores or local lumberyard in order to get a feel of what may be offered. Budget wise, it will help. When making over a home, you should always compare pricing with the quality of the materials in the product. For example, is the shelving you see made of real or “fake” wood. This will help in your decision because you should be able to get a quality made a shelf that is less than a cheaply made shelving. It is all in the wood and what types of wood will last longer too.

Here are two prime examples of specific types of wood for your house makeover ideas such as functional shelving.

Walnut Grain Laminated with silver shelving system try this for less than a $100


Rustic Mahogany stained distressed solid wood prehung shelves under a $200

There are so many types of shelving. Redesigning your bedrooms or home office looks with quality-made shelving can help a room with its natural character. With this type of shelving, you’ll be able to add some with the interior look ready for displaying holiday décor. This is ideal for a functional purpose.

It’s easy and less than built-in shelves. Those take up more space and may be out of your family’s budget. Observing specific shelving ideas can help in one of your fav social media sites such as Instagram or Pinterest. Compare pricing between specific woods. Save by having your lumberyard cut the boards to size for you!

However, you can choose from your favorite style of shelving such as fixture-type shelving or simply buying a bookshelf (i.e. 2, 3-tier type…). For instance, these are the two types of renovating elements you can begin pondering on. Home makeover ideas can include picking out modern floating shelves or built-in ones will do.

3. Stylish Fixtures

Stylish Fixtures

Whether it be fixture type ledges or the traditional mold type shelving, adding artwork and photos to them help notice wall décor throughout the season. Other elements that can be added are holiday season décor to the shelving.

Additionally, you can simply replace old fixtures with a more modern fixture style. Modern can be as simple as a black or white coated light fixture or a rustic wooden hanging light fixture. Either way, adding this type of element to your house makeover ideas under $500 is worth the newly found selection to your home renovation project.

Switch out outdated light fixtures with fixtures sporting more stylish silhouettes. When replacing an old fixture with a new: Turn off the power for the room where you’ll be working and remove the fixture. If the electrical box is loose, tighten the screws. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the new fixture.

4. Accessories


When it comes to accessories, $500 house makeover ideas will keep you happy if you plan the right ones for each room. Whether you go traditional or modern, you’ll be able to see the differences once you add one accessory at a time. It is all in the planning as well as a great vision. Here is a list of home makeover ideas that you can think about when it comes to accessories.

  1. Doorknobs
  2. Rugs, carpets
  3. Tile, backsplash…
  4. Tables, desks, couches, chairs, ottomans…
  5. Lamps, vases, frames, artwork…

Final Words

Finally, when you decide the right room with the right décor, paints, shelving, accessories, you will see a major difference in all you do for that particular room. It will be budget-friendly when you think of one room at a time. Not only will you save by doing this one “room at a time” method, but you also will not overspend, and you’ll keep it short and simple while you are doing your house makeover ideas. Hence, you’ll be able to prepare for the holidays guilt-free!

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