The colder months are quickly approaching and with them the increased need for proper insulation. If your attic is not properly insulated, you could be in for a costly heating bill this winter. Here are 10 reasons why you should schedule professional attic insulation services in Peoria, AZ before the cold weather hits.

1. Save Money

If your attic is uninsulated, you are losing money. If you have living space above the second level or in an attached garage that isn’t already well insulated, then you could be wasting money and energy by leaving it barren and unused. Insulation can help to keep heating and cooling costs down by preventing heat from escaping that would otherwise rise and escape into living space.

2. Save Energy

Insulating your attic is one of the best ways to save energy in your home, especially if you live in a hot climate where heat escapes through ceilings during the summer months. Insulating an uninsulated attic will help to prevent this. Insulation can eliminate energy loss through the attic floor by as much as 50%.

3. Protect Your Home

An uninsulated attic is a major source of heat loss from your home. This means that you could be increasing the risk of ice dams forming on your roof, which can lead to costly damages. An even more serious problem that can arise from an uninsulated attic is a fire. If your home’s ceiling isn’t insulated, it could heat up to dangerous levels which will increase the risk of a fire.

4. Save Time & Money On Heating Bills

Many people pay for the insulation of their homes to be added in the spring so that their heating costs for the upcoming winter will be lower. This is a great idea because you can save money while your home is being insulated, but it also means that your insulation will stay in good shape all winter long without any issues. The attic insulation cost will be much lower than if you paid to have it installed in the spring and then again when winter rolls around.

5. Avoid Inconvenience

If you have been putting off getting your attic insulated, you could face some problems when the weather turns colder. You may find yourself having to turn up your heating system earlier than normal or even use space heaters if you have an uninsulated attic. This can be very inconvenient, so it is best to have your home insulated before the first frost of the season.

6. Prevent Hot & Cold Spots

If you have ever stepped on an attic floor, you know all about attic hot spots. Hot spots are caused by the great variation in temperatures between the attic and the living space below it. This can cause major problems, including cracked ceilings or warped floors.

7. Reduce Noise Pollution

Every time you step into your attic, you are walking on the ceiling. If your attic isn’t insulated, this can cause creaking and other noise coming from the attic to be transferred to the living space below it. This noise pollution can get very annoying over time.

8. Increase Home Value

If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, you should consider getting attic insulation services. This will help to add value to your home and attract buyers who are looking for energy-efficient homes that use less energy and save them money on their heating and cooling costs annually.

9. Protect Furniture & Valuables

If you leave attic vents open in the attic, it can lead to moisture buildup. This can cause problems not only for your attic but also for the living space below, including damaged furniture or personal belongings.

10. Save Time & Money On Home Maintenance

Hiring attic insulation services in Peoria is one of the best ways to save time and money on home maintenance. This is because attic insulation can help protect your home from heat damage and reduce the risk of ice dams. Even if you don’t live in a hot climate, attic insulation can still save time and money by preventing wasted energy and repairs that would be needed otherwise.

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