The English market for second homes abroad has long been interested in Italy, the country of well being par excellence where fine cuisine, art and fashion meet in breathtaking natural settings. The whole country, despite its famous and daring representations of costume, is characterized by an unparalleled quality of life that finds its highest expression in Tuscany.

For this reason, according to what is reported by specialized real estate in Tuscany, the region where people find the best answer to their needs for buying a second home is precisely Tuscany. Let’s see what the reasons could be.

1. The strategic position

Tuscany is a region located in the north-central Italy and it is characterized by everything a person could wish for in terms of landscape and nature: green hills, crystalline beaches and worldliness. Tuscany offers enchanting cities that are unique in the world such as Florence and incredible maritime scenarios such as Livorno and Elba Island.

It is also located in a strategic position and well connected both with the metropolis of Milan and with Rome. The inland areas are characterized by small villages located along the hills where people live at the highest quality of life both for the surrounding greenery and for the authenticity of everyday life, made of genuine natural products, mild climate and outdoor life.

2. Prestigious design and architecture

Among the reasons why Tuscany is the best purchase option for a second home there is also the prestige of the structures for sale, built with high-class styles and raw materials of the best quality. The interiors and exteriors are extremely accurate and are a great attraction for those who cannot renounce to the taste of Italian design.

Finally, the region is very attractive to foreigner because, most of all, it has been able to reconcile internal administration policies with those of welcoming people from abroad. In particular, tourism and accommodation facilities have been able to formulate specific offers for those coming from abroad, offering noteworthy discovery experiences.

3. The quality of life

Among these, food and wine tastings, art tours and the events sector stand out, particularly dynamic for organizing weddings in unique natural settings such as Pienza, Trequanda, San Gimignano and many others.

These small villages are characterized by ancient residences and medieval-style structures and are equipped to perform any religious function but they can also host yoga retreats, excursions and a whole series of activities specifically dedicated to foreign audiences.

In conclusion, Italy is perhaps the country richest in social contradictions but it is also the place that brings everyone together for an incomparable quality of life. Some habits may be unusual for those coming from other countries but, after all, it is also true that every country in the world has its own weaknesses which, for Italy, are soon forgotten thanks to the charm that this country exerts all over the world.

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