Ignacio Guzman, MD offers IV treatment for a wide variety of conditions. There is the option of receiving the treatment at the clinic or at home if possible.

Whenever most people think of a patient with an IV drip connected to their arm, they typically think of a hospital. However, the patient could be comfortably located in their home and for good reason.

The following are some of the reasons why you should consider home IV treatment:

Specialized Care

One of the major benefits of receiving any form of IV treatment from home is that you get customized care from the party delivering the treatment. Treatment at a clinic will obviously be delivered in a way that suits the majority of people.

Many people prefer customized health care, which is why medical tourism has become such a large industry in the recent past. Everybody is different and it makes sense to have the treatment tailored to a person’s needs and preferences.

A patient can wear whatever they want, listen to and watch whatever they want when receiving IV therapy. Having a nurse or doctor all to yourself also means more attention for you.

Safer Environment

IV therapy is a process that involves intricate and detailed work. Any mistakes can have devastating consequences on the patient.

If you want to have treatment in an environment with less pressure and where it is less likely to go wrong, then receiving IV treatment at home will accomplish just that.

If a malevolent party wanted to cause you harm, messing with your IV therapy would be an ideal way to cause you harm. It is much easier to do so in a hospital full of patients than in the privacy of your own home.

Therefore, having treatment at home offers a safe environment.

Better Monitoring of Supplies

Supplies at hospitals usually run out occasionally and the consequences can be far-reaching. It is usually less frequent at small clinics.

If you are receiving IV therapy from your home, you can have the supplies stored at your place if possible. Doing so will ensure that you can keep a close eye on the supplies you need as opposed to if you received treatment from a hospital where they would be in charge of inventory.

You can then take proactive measures to restock supplies and to ensure equipment is functioning properly. Therefore, your treatment never has to be put in jeopardy due to a lack of supplies.

Minimal Disruption

Most of us have a routine that we follow every day. Disruptions to the routine can be mildly or severely inconvenient.

If you are receiving treatment from home, you can tailor it so that it causes no disruption to your regular routine as it will be part of it. IV therapy is usually done occasionally but it can still be disruptive if it interrupts something important.

By having IV therapy planned into your routine, you can carry on with regular aspects of your life. Normalcy is crucial to the success of most treatments.