As email has become an increasingly clogged communication mechanism, businesses looking for more direct ways to communicate with their customers in a B2B context have been turning to Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord and other channels. But tracking those conversations and making sure they get directed to the right people is challenging for businesses.

What is Pylon?

Pylon is an early stage startup that helps companies manage, prioritize and direct messages from these channels to the right people, even working with tools like Zendesk to create tickets when it makes sense.

How does Pylon work?

Pylon integrates with Slack and other chat tools to give businesses a centralized view of all their customer conversations. Businesses can then use Pylon to track conversations, prioritize them, and assign them to the right people. Pylon can also automatically create tickets in Zendesk or other help desk software when it detects a new issue.

Funding and growth

Pylon announced a $3.2 million seed investment in July 2023. The company, which launched in November 2022, was also a member of the Winter 2023 Y Combinator cohort.

The future of Pylon

Pylon plans to use the new funding to expand its team and product offerings. The company also plans to add support for other chat tools, such as Microsoft Teams and Discord.


Pylon is a promising new startup that is helping businesses to better manage their customer conversations in Slack and other chat tools. The company has a strong team and a clear vision for the future. I am excited to see how Pylon grows in the years to come.

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