With the introduction of soft contact lenses, people quickly stopped wearing glasses in exchange for a cleaner look. Not only do contact lenses correct vision but also, the types of lenses available today are extremely comfortable and available in multiple colors. Regardless if someone wants to quit wearing glasses or chooses contacts as the first choice for vision correction, the night and day lenses are worth serious consideration.

Benefits of Extended Wear Lenses

Soft contacts provide a number of benefits, which is why millions of people wear them. As mentioned, they work great for correcting various problems with vision and in some instances can even help astigmatism. Soft lenses are also made in a wide selection of colors, making it possible for a person to enhance natural eye color or completely change color. However, the main reason that so many people depend on soft contacts is the ability to wear them for days at a time.

Often referred to as extended wear or night and day lenses, these contacts are extremely easy to wear, convenient, and most importantly, safe for the eyes. The thing that makes these contacts so unique and popular is that they can be worn up to 30 days, again without being taken out of the eyes. Instead of going through the process of removing, cleaning, and storing lenses every night, a person would simply come home from work, school, after dining out, or dancing into the early morning hours to fall asleep.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses such as these are beneficial to literally everyone who wears them. Being able to wear lenses up to 30 days and without compromising vision or eyes has made them one of the most popular options available. An over-the-road truck driver would be a prime example of the ideal candidate. This individual is on the road for long hours and would not always be in a position to take lenses out to clean and store. Being comfortable and safe, a driver would find it easier to make long hauls.

Another huge benefit to wearing day and night contact lenses is the ability to see when awakening. The biggest complaint heard from people who use extended wear contact lenses is blurry morning vision. For other types of lenses, the only way to get blurriness to go away is to remove the lenses and clean them whereas other times, drops to moisten the eyes and blinking is all it takes. The difference with the newer night and day lenses is that they never blur in the morning.

Unique Characteristics

The day and night contact lenses are referred to as “soft lenses” although they are something different. These lenses are actually gas permeable but compared to the highest quality soft contacts, they are six times more breathable. Because of this, they provide far more comfort while preventing eyes from becoming dry. Another interesting aspect of the night and day lenses is the molecular structure design. This innovative design allows more water and oxygen to pass through the lenses, allowing them to move about the eye freely and without leaving the eyes with a sticky film.

Unlike many types of contact lenses currently sold, the night and day lenses are approved by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA. During the 30-day period, the lenses remain clear and comfortable but remember, they are not intended to be worn past the 30-day mark. Although most people are considered good candidates for these lenses, only an eye examination would make the determination. Over the years, contacts have changed dramatically and they will continue to evolve but for now, one of the best choices on the market is the revolutionary night and day contact lenses.

Peter Johnson loves to share his tips about contact lenses (interesting to know is that Swedish term is linser) in various blogs online. Currently he works for a company called Synsam. 

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