If you have been looking for a new home, how many have you passed up just because of the exterior? Perhaps you are like many people, and haven’t even checked out the interior, because you can’t get past the dud you saw on the outside.

However, you might be passing right by an incredible home. The inside might be just what you are looking for or need, yet you are so turned off by the outside that you don’t even know the gem inside exists. Many people invest their money on the interior, while ignoring the outside. It all depends on their priorities and budget.

So, if you have a set budget to make the interior ‘your own’, and it already is ‘your own’, that money can be spent on making the outdoors more pleasant. Of course, it will depend on what you don’t like about the exterior to know what the ‘fix’ is, or how much it will cost.

Here are a few great ideas, ranging in budget, for adding character and charm to the outside, and help you find the perfect home, inside and out.

New Home Buyers

1. The Entry

If the entry is old or bland, you could update it with a new door, molding, and upgraded light fixtures. Paint it a color that will compliment, yet stand out, to give it a great look. Hardware on the doors, including a nice kick plate can be an instant upgrade as well.

For a more elaborate update, build a new porch and over-hang with bold pillars. And, if it’s large enough, place a couple chairs for sitting.

2. The Windows

Adding shutters and window boxes are a great way to add color and charm to a home. It’s not too difficult to do, and can give the exterior an entirely new look.

By painting them a color that stands out from the rest of the house, yet compliments, you will increase the curb appeal significantly.

3. Flower Beds

This is perhaps the most common way to add curb appeal. If you are unsure what to do, look around on the Internet, or take a drive. Whatever catches your eye, take photos of it to the local nursery. They should be able to help you in choosing the right flowers, plants, and bushes to re-create what you like.

4. Fencing and Decking

I’m sure you have heard of the ‘white picket fence’ dream before, right? Unless your neighborhood has rules against it, put one up, with a little landscaping around it to soften the look.

For the backyard, put up a nice cedar privacy fence, especially if you have children or pets. Building a deck or patio is ideal for the backyard so you can have a nice outdoor living space, such as a grill, table, and chairs for barbeques.

5. Lighting

Put some outdoor lighting along the walkways. They have some wonderful solar powered lights that are easy to install and can give an appealing look even during the daytime. A lamppost will also add a lot of character to the walkway.

In the back, use a few tall tiki torches for both appeal, as well as an aid for keeping the pesky bugs away.

6. Painting the House

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a home. The key to picking out a great color, in addition to personal taste, is to take note of other colors in the exterior that are not going to change…at least not for a while.

For example, look at the tones in your roof. Shingles can vary in color, as well as tone and can make a great color look not-so-great if it clashes. Another area might be if you have a brick paver walk way, or patio in the back. Pick out a color that compliments the tones within the bricks.

Don’t worry about the shutters and door, as those can be painted a complimentary color.

7. Accessories

Just like a nice outfit, accessories can make or break the home. A pink flamingo is not going to do anything for boosting the value or curb appeal. However, the following might:

  • Upgraded mailbox
  • Bird bath within the flower beds
  • Water fountain
  • Wooden bench seat on the porch
  • Fire pit in the back yard

Take a walk around your local home improvement store to see what catches your eye. There are many things you can add to the yard to improve the appearance.

8. Outdoor Retreat

The backyard can be an outdoor retreat. Of course, it might not add much to the appearance of the front, but it can be a welcome haven for time spent outdoors.

Set up a nice sitting area to relax with a group for a night of grilling and sitting by the fire. Lighting, water features, and outdoor speakers can create a nice ambiance.

9. Garage Door

If the budget allows, consider a nice wooden garage door, with windows and full of character. I have seen some stunning garage doors that can significantly improve the appearance of your exterior.

In Closing

What I wanted to point out here is that when you are buying a home, you never know what waits for you inside, if you don’t go in to find out. So, don’t let an unappealing exterior sway you from giving it a try.

Sophie Evans works from home as a freelance writer, touching on many topics. She often draws inspiration from the Internet when reading articles, such as a few recently from Milwaukee fencing companies www.a1-fence.com. As a resident of California, Sophie finds herself a huge fan of Disneyland. Living in Balboa Beach with her husband Rick and two children, Sophie also admits to being a Starbucks addict.

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