It’s something that you might not ever think about. You’re young, you have a great job, you’re enjoying family life and you’re on top of the world. It’s easy to think that nothing could ever change this. The truth is there is something that can change this. There is something that can rock your family’s life. If you pass away your family’s world will change.

Reduce stress and upset for loved ones

Everyone will die (hopefully later rather than sooner) and if you have children, a spouse or family members that depend on you, money problems could be something that adds to their problems when you pass away. If you want to help reduce the stress and upset for loved ones when this happens, you should consider getting life insurance that covers the costs of a funeral.

Although over 50 life cover is common, life insurance is for anyone at any age – even those that are fit and healthy. It’s not just for elderly and sick people, either. Basically, life insurance pays out a sum of money either on the death of the insured person or after a set period; helping towards things such as funeral costs.

Getting insurance to cover your funeral doesn’t mean you are saying you’re sick, unhealthy or going somewhere any time soon. It just means that you’re taking things into hand if anything does happen. It means you’re thinking ahead – especially if you own a home, are married, have children or other dependents.

Funeral Insurance

Funeral costs

Although the cost of funerals differs between funeral directors, on the whole funeral costs rise every year. Nowadays, burials and cremations can be costly and a recent study found that on average, a funeral in the UK costs just over £3,200. A smaller and simpler funeral may cost less than this, though. Likewise, if you want a funeral with the full works, you’ll have to pay handsomely for it. From the cost of the coffin, to the ceremony, family cars, flowers, food and drinks, the cost of your funeral will add up.

If you don’t pay for this or take out cover to pay for it, when you pass away someone else will have to foot the bill. This is all and well if you have loved ones that can afford to do so, but if you have dependents that won’t be able to do this, they may be left in a horrible situation. With funeral insurance cover, when you pass away, your loved one won’t have to worry about the expensive costs involved in giving you a proper send-off.

All in all, it’s about peace of mind

The monthly investment required towards life insurance is a small price to pay when you truly consider what you’ll get back from it – peace of mind. You’ll feel safe in the knowledge that all your loved ones will have to do when you go is grieve. They won’t have to concern themselves with finding the money needed for your funeral, or the associated costs. Isn’t that return on investment enough?

Danielle White has been in the Health Insurance business for over 15 years and dedicates her time providing financial insights to individuals and businesses. She also enjoys spending time with her two crazy cats, playing a competitive game of Monopoly, and reading just about anything she can get her hands on.

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