National French Fry Day is a delightful celebration dedicated to one of the most beloved and iconic foods: french fries. This food holiday has gained popularity over the years, and people across the United States eagerly anticipate its arrival. In this article, we will explore the origins of National French Fry Day, delve into the debate surrounding the origin of french fries, and discover the exciting deals and offers available at popular fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s.

History of National French Fry Day

For many years, National French Fry Day was observed on July 13th. However, in recent times, a petition initiated by fast-food chains Checkers & Rally’s requested the National Day Calendar to move the celebration to the second Friday in July. The intention behind this move was to ensure that National French Fry Day always falls on a Fry-day, adding an extra layer of fun and pun to the occasion.

Marlo Anderson, the founder of the National Day Calendar, recognized the public sentiment and agreed to the change. Since then, National French Fry Day has been celebrated on the second Friday of July. In 2023, this exciting day will be observed on Friday, July 14th.

The Debate on the Origin of French Fries

The origin of french fries has sparked a debate between France and Belgium. While France claims to have the first recorded mention of french fries in a Parisian book dating back to 1775, Belgium argues for its historic significance. According to Belgian food historian Pierre Leqluercq, 17th-century villagers in Belgium began frying potatoes when they couldn’t fish due to frozen rivers. The dish became popular, and U.S. soldiers in World War I named them “French” fries, influenced by the dominant French language in southern Belgium.

However, the history is not without controversy. Some argue that potatoes were not introduced to the region until 1735, challenging the Belgian claim. Thomas Jefferson, the American minister to France in the late 18th century, is often credited with introducing french fries to the United States. Additionally, the Pont Neuf bridge in Paris is associated with the origin of french fries, where they were sold by pushcart vendors.

The true inventor of the fried potato remains unknown, but it is clear that french fries have become a beloved culinary delight enjoyed worldwide.

Deals and Offers on National French Fry Day

National French Fry Day brings exciting deals and offers from various fast-food chains. While some chains have embraced the move to Friday, July 14th, others continue to offer promotions on the traditional date of July 13th.

McDonald’s, Smashburger, and other establishments are offering deals on Thursday, July 13th, allowing customers to enjoy discounted or free french fries. On the other hand, Checkers & Rally’s, Fatburger, and Wendy’s extend their giveaways beyond Friday, providing more opportunities for fry enthusiasts to indulge in their favorite treat.

Burger King’s Free Fries Deal

Burger King, known for its delicious burgers and mouthwatering fries, has a special offer for National French Fry Day. Members of the Burger King Royal Perks loyalty program can enjoy a free order of fries of any size—small, medium, or large—with any purchase made via the Burger King app or

Joining the Royal Perks program brings additional perks for fry lovers. Members can receive one free order of fries every week until the end of the year, with a purchase at participating locations (excluding delivery orders). Furthermore, Burger King is running a cash prize promotion where Royal Perks members can exchange 50 “crowns” or points for a chance to win a daily prize of $3,000. The promotion runs until September 1st, and members can participate up to three times per day.


National French Fry Day is a delightful occasion that celebrates the beloved french fry. This year, the festivities take place on Friday, July 14th, offering a wonderful opportunity to indulge in crispy, golden fries. Fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s are joining in the celebration, providing deals and promotions to delight fry enthusiasts across the nation.

So mark your calendars, gather your friends and family, and savor the taste of perfectly seasoned and crispy french fries on this joyous occasion.


Q1. Are there any other fast-food chains offering deals on National French Fry Day?

Yes, in addition to McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s, many other fast-food chains may offer special deals and promotions on National French Fry Day. Keep an eye out for announcements and check with your local establishments for specific offers.

Q2. Can I get free fries without making a purchase at Burger King’s Royal Perks?

Yes, Burger King’s Royal Perks members can enter for free without making a purchase. Refer to the official rules of the cash prize promotion to learn more about the alternative entry method.

Q3. Are there any limitations on Burger King’s free weekly fries offer?

The free weekly fries offer at Burger King’s Royal Perks is available with a purchase and is valid at participating locations. It excludes delivery orders.

Q4. How long is Burger King’s cash prize promotion running?

Burger King’s cash prize promotion runs until September 1st, offering Royal Perks members the chance to win daily prizes of $3,000. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

Q5. What is the significance of National French Fry Day being celebrated on a Fry-day?

By moving National French Fry Day to the second Friday of July, the day is always associated with the word “Fry-day.” This play on words adds an extra element of fun and makes the celebration even more memorable.

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