Myths About Sliding Glass Doors:

If you were thinking about adding sliding glass doors to your home, you’ve probably encountered these three myths about them. Everything from energy efficiency, to cost, to safety concerns. Here we’ll debunk three of the most common myths about sliding glass doors.

Sliding Glass Doors
Sliding Glass Doors

1. Sliding Glass Doors Aren’t Energy Efficient

You may be thinking to yourself “how can a giant window be energy efficient?”. Most sliding doors are manufactured to specific standards, for that exact reason. You’re basically installing a giant window into the side of your house.

Single pane windows can create heat (or cool air) loss due to having only one thin panel between the outside elements and the interior of your home, but most sliding glass doors contain at least two panels of glass. This drastically decreases the heat exchange between outside and inside air, thus reducing heat loss and subsequently your energy bills.

The type of glass also plays a role in the efficiency of your sliding glass door. Thicker glass means more protection from heat loss, whereas thin panels can create something of a problem during the winter months.

Materials aside, the installation methods and frame play a huge role in making your glass doors energy efficient. Insulated frames are an industry standard, as well as precision installation so as not to leave any small gaps between the frame and your home’s walls. Make sure the company you’re buying your sliding doors from has a good reputation for quality materials and insulation, so you can guarantee that you’re getting the best energy efficiency for your money.

With the right materials and insulation, you won’t have to worry about heat or cool air loss. Many manufacturers even offer “energy efficient” models which offer further protection so that you can enjoy your sliding doors worry free.

2. Sliding Doors Aren’t Safe or Private

Sliding glass doors are made almost entirely of glass; so they’re not safe, right? Actually sliding glass doors have many safety features which make them as safe as a giant panel of glass can be.

The locks on sliding glass doors can anchor the door to the tracks; making them unable to be moved or pried open. One of the biggest concerns of sliding doors is that a potential intruder can easily shatter the door and get inside. However, many glass doors are made with glass. That same energy efficient glass that keeps the heat in, can also help keep unwanted visitors or debris out.

In addition to this, many alarm systems offer glass breakage alarms and tampering alarms which you can install on your doors. These offer an early warning and deterrent for any criminal activity.

Another concern is that because of the large glass panes; the home’s privacy is breached and could potentially entice an intruder to enter the home since they can see exactly what they’re going after.

There are thousands of blinds, curtains, and other coverings for sliding glass doors to choose from. If you don’t like too much sunlight, there are blackout panels; and there are also panels that let in sunlight but provide a barrier so that prying eyes cannot see into your home.

Some companies even offer frosted glass as an option for your doors, so that the doors themselves are completely opaque. This is an option, but remember that blinds and curtains are not only cheaper but also can be opened when you want extra light or to see the outside.

3. Sliding Glass Doors Are Un-affordable

While it’s certainly true that certain designs cost in upwards of a few thousand dollars; your basic, two panel sliding glass doors can range from as low as five hundred dollars to over a thousand. Obviously the cheaper the door; the lower quality material and construction; and so you’ll probably want to at least go mid-tier with this one.

Energy efficiency, safety, and overall design (as well as the installation process) should all be taken into account when buying your sliding doors. Try to find the best quality glass for your budget; and buy from a reputable company with good reviews. If saving up a few hundred extra dollars and waiting just a little longer before you get your doors means fewer issues in the future; it’s well worth the extra time and money.

Researching your products beforehand is a good practice for any retail purchases; and especially when it comes to your home. Using cheap materials on your home can skyrocket energy bills, maintenance costs, and even insurance costs.

The more panels the doors have, the more they cost. French doors contain four separate panels; and therefore cost more than the simple two-panel designs. More modern designs, such as the telescoping or lift/slide variations can cost thousands of dollars but offer a more aesthetically pleasing and modern look to your home. Find the design that fits your taste and budget.

Myths about Sliding Patio Doors:

If you’re considering installing sliding patio doors in your home, chances are you’ve heard various myths and misconceptions surrounding these beautiful and functional additions. It’s essential to separate fact from fiction to make the right decision for your home improvement project. In this article, we will dive deep into some of the most common myths about sliding patio doors and debunk them with reliable information and first-hand experiences.

Sliding Patio Doors
Sliding Patio Doors

Myth 1: Sliding Patio Doors are Not Energy Efficient

Contrary to the myth, modern sliding patio doors come with advanced technologies and energy-efficient features. They are designed with insulated frames, weatherstripping, and low-emissivity glass that prevents heat transfer, keeping your home comfortable and reducing energy costs.

Myth 2: Sliding Patio Doors are Prone to Break-Ins

While security is a valid concern for any homeowner, it’s essential to understand that sliding patio doors today are equipped with robust locking mechanisms and shatter-resistant glass options. When installed correctly and paired with quality locks, these doors can be as secure as any other entry point in your home.

Myth 3: Sliding Patio Doors are High-Maintenance

Some believe that sliding patio doors require constant maintenance, but that’s not entirely accurate. With regular cleaning and occasional lubrication of tracks and rollers, modern sliding doors can provide years of smooth operation without much hassle.

Myth 4: Sliding Patio Doors are Not Durable

The myth that sliding patio doors lack durability is far from true. High-quality sliding doors are constructed using sturdy materials like vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum, ensuring they can withstand various weather conditions and last for many years with minimal wear and tear.

Myth 5: Sliding Patio Doors are Noisy

Older sliding doors might have been notorious for making noise while opening or closing, but advancements in technology have addressed this issue. Quality sliding patio doors are designed to glide smoothly and silently, providing you with a peaceful ambiance.

Myth 6: Sliding Patio Doors are Outdated in Design

Some individuals believe that sliding patio doors have an outdated appearance and lack style. However, modern designs offer a wide range of customization options, including frame finishes, glass patterns, and hardware choices, allowing you to find a sliding door that complements your home’s aesthetic perfectly.

Myth 7: Sliding Patio Doors are Expensive

While it’s true that sliding patio doors can be an investment, their benefits and long-term value outweigh the initial cost. Moreover, there are options available to suit various budgets, making sliding patio doors a practical and worthwhile investment.

Myth 8: Sliding Patio Doors Lack Versatility

One common misconception is that sliding patio doors are only suitable for specific architectural styles or room designs. In reality, these doors come in various sizes and configurations, making them adaptable to different spaces and design preferences.

Myth 9: Sliding Patio Doors Let in Too Much Sunlight

The amount of sunlight entering your home is determined by the type of glass you choose for your sliding patio doors. Laminated or tinted glass options are available, allowing you to control the amount of natural light while maintaining energy efficiency.

Myth 10: Sliding Patio Doors are Challenging to Install

Professional installation is essential for any home improvement project, including sliding patio doors. However, with the right team, installing sliding doors can be a smooth and straightforward process, without causing any structural issues.


Sliding glass doors can be an attractive addition to any home. There are several variations and styles to suit your aesthetic and practical needs; but keep in mind that myths we’ve debunked here today. Sliding glass doors can be extremely energy efficient, safe, and affordable.

Sliding patio doors can be a fantastic addition to any home, offering aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and functional benefits. When considering a purchase, be sure to choose a reputable supplier and opt for professional installation for the best results.

Do your research, consult experts and people you may know who’ve had similar doors installed in their homes for extra insight. Remember that paying for cheaper materials means more maintenance costs down the line; and possibly higher energy costs if you don’t choose the right glass or frame.