If you are a member of the popular group known as Cubicle Nation, you know that there are a number of ways in which you can enhance your life in the cube. You can add some life to your cubicle in the form of living plants or you could invest in an aquarium with live fish. You could cover your grey cubicle walls with wallpaper or put up some posters of your favorite quotes or vacation spots.

Adding photographs of your family all over your cubicle walls will add a touch of your own personality drowning out what could be a sterile and drab cubicle environment.

Flat Panel Monitor Hanger

With the proliferation of high quality and inexpensive flat panel monitors adorning office cubicles, a number of monitor accessories have also begun to crop up to complement the sleek monitors. One such accessory is called a flat panel monitor hanger and I invested in one about a year ago for my own cubicle.

I am a bit anal when it comes to my cubicle and how it should be decorated or accessorized. I know that I only have so much space within those 3 walls so I have made it a point of mine to make the best of my small amount of real estate.

Flat Panel Monitor Hanger

I am always assessing what I have in my office and how I can improve on my work environment. I want to utilize my desk space effectively and I noticed that my flat panel monitor being on a monitor stand wasn’t allowing me to make any use of the corner of my desk. Since the stand was actually on my desktop I really couldn’t get to or utilize the space behind the monitor stand. So, after I noticed a monitor hanger in an office catalog, I knew that I should make the investment so that instead of my monitor being on my desktop, it would be hanging from my cubicle wall.

When it arrived it took me a few minutes to set it up and I really like the fact that the whole corner of my desktop was available for anything that I wanted to store on it. I was able to store a box of tissues and a few small office items beneath the flat panel monitor in the corner of my desktop. The height of the monitor is also at an optimum level for viewing and it is easily adjustable. It was certainly a great investment in my office cubicle and I will always have one wherever I work going forward.

Cubicle Mirror

When you sit in your office, are you facing away from the corridor or towards it? Wherever I have worked, my back has been to the opening into my office. There have been many times when coworkers have crept up behind me without me knowing that they were there. At times I could be startled by their presence out of the blue.

But, to be honest, that doesn’t happen anymore and I’m actually surprised that I never went out and purchased a cubicle mirror a lot sooner. I had noticed these monitor mirrors in some coworkers’ offices in the past but I never really decided to make the investment.

So I decided to start looking around for different models and what I did find is that there were many different types from which I could choose. I decided to settle for a model which came highly recommended on Amazon since I had never owned one before. When it was delivered it was so easy to attach it to the side of my flat panel monitor. If your monitor is very thin you can even attach it to the back of your monitor without a problem at all.

What I love about this rear-view mirror is that no one can walk by my cubicle without me knowing who it is. And I just love to address the person behind me by name before they even say anything with my back turned toward them! Instead of me being startled I now startle my visitors! A small mirror has given me eyes in the back of my head and I just love this inexpensive addition to my office cubicle.

Flat Panel Copy Holder

Another great monitor accessory which has really helped my productivity and organization in my office is my flat panel copy holder. You may have never even heard of this product but I am not surprised because before I bought mine I hadn’t either. I like to call it a clipboard attached to the side of my monitor which is essentially what it is. It allows me to attach a To Do list or a journal to the copy holder and it is in the most convenient location which is just to the left of my monitor.

The one that I purchased has a clip on the top of it and a lip on the bottom so you have options for what you want the copy holder to actually hold. This is actually better than a clipboard because the lip on the bottom actually adds the dimension of holding a small journal, magazine, or number of papers.

I must say that I use the clip on the top to hold a single piece of paper with a list of items that I am currently working on and I also use the lip on the bottom to hold a journal or trade magazine. Once again I am able to get items off of my desktop and on a convenient surface. This has increased my organization and productivity and has cleared off my desk eliminating clutter.

Flat panel monitor accessories are out there in the marketplace. Check them out and figure out what makes sense for your own environment and work habits. I did and they have made a positive difference in the way that I work. They just might transform your office into a much more productive work area and a much more interesting and fun place to spend your working days.

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