Choosing the right health benefits plan is important when you’re a small business owner looking to attract quality talent to your company and keep your employees happy.

When working with your small business health insurance broker, you need to avoid mistakes when choosing benefits plans that will detract from the satisfaction of your employees.

The following are five mistakes to avoid when selecting health insurance for your small business.

1. Failing to consult with employees about needs and options

Wherever possible, include your employees in making decisions. What do your employees want and need? It’s a good idea to conduct a survey among your employees in which you find out what they expect from a benefits package. Communicating with employees is a key aspect of offering the benefits your employees really need.

2. Not working with a small business health insurance broker

If you want to fully explore all available options, it’s important to work with a broker. Brokers are professionals with a great deal of knowledge on small business health insurance plans.

You can discuss your company’s needs with a broker and your broker can then recommend the best available options to you. Working with a broker gives you confidence that you’ve truly found the optimum benefits packages for your small business.

3. Offering only one deductible option

Your employees will appreciate being able to choose between various deductible options. When your employees can choose between different deductible options, they can more easily budget for any health insurance premiums that they’ll be required to pay when they’re enrolled in your company plan.

4. Neglecting to consider all available plan types

When you’re choosing coverage for your small business, you need to familiarize yourself with all the different types of plans available. These include HMOs, PPOs, Health Savings Accounts, and more.

5. Only providing coverage with ancillary benefits included

You need to make sure that your employees have the option of including ancillary benefits like vision and dental coverage in their plans. A lot of employees will only want and need medical coverage. In this case, being able to forego vision and dental coverage can save your employees money.

The more options and flexibility you’re able to offer your employees, the more satisfied they are likely to be with your company’s benefits packages.

By doing your research and selecting carefully, you can find a small business health insurance option that will be affordable and adequate for your employees. This will benefit your company in many ways including employee retention and hiring.