One of the expensive and important components of your home’s HVAC system is the air conditioning unit. It is important to make sure that it is perfectly installed as it promises peace of mind for the homeowners. In this blog, leading AC experts have shared common mistakes to avoid while performing AC installation Jacksonville, FL. These tips ensure that the installation task is performed exactly the first time.

Mistake #1: Selecting a company that does not have NATE-certified engineers:

By approaching NATE certified engineers, you can get the best air conditioning installation services Jacksonville, FL. Their services ensure maximum economy and comfort in the heating and cooling unit. With better service and installation, you can notice increased efficiency and the long life of your cooling and heating equipment.

Mistake #2: Inappropriate ceiling saver kit:

An important process for successful AC installation is drip pans. They collect water that develops through condensation. If there is no proper exit route for the collected water, it can form inside the house and within the AC. Ensure to ask the AC technician to provide and test an alternative drip pan. It is also referred to as a ceiling saver kit that aids in preventing chances for water damage.

Mistake #3: Not functioning with a good bonded company:

The contract license surety agreement is important as a protection against unfair dealings and as part of financial insurance when something with the bond goes wrong.

Mistake #4: Not possess exact premises in place:

The majority of the companies will register permits on the owner’s behalf by approaching the local building codes agency. Do not assume that all the companies perform it exactly. Ensure to check the permitting office. When the work is performed without necessary permits, it has the chance to result in a time delay.

Mistake #5: Setting up too long refrigerant pipes:

The pipe connecting the outdoor and indoor units of the central air conditioner should be short. If you are hiring an inexperienced installer and when he/she utilizes too long pipes, it will remain challenging for the AC to perform the cooling cycle. Due to this, the compressor would begin to function continuously, draining energy and continuously wearing itself down.

Mistake #6: Leaving the AC installation to an inexperienced contractor:

Most times, you will be installing a new unit as part of the major renovation project. In this case, you need to ensure that the building contractor is hiring a good and reputed HVAC company for setting up the air conditioning. An air conditioner is a challenging unit, and it has to be configured and set up by trained experts. Qualified HVAC installers like Indoor Comfort under your needs and the equipment, adjust and tune the unit according to the specifications of the manufacturer and needs of the space.

Mistake #7: Setting up the incorrect drainage system:

When the water is not worn out effectively and safely, it has chances to split over on other parts and result in damage. The design of the drain system should be taken care of. If not, it results in a major issue. Such mistakes are usually performed by unprofessional installation contractors, which can end up spending a lot of money.

Mistake #8: Blocked return vents:

In older homes, there are chances to notice return air vents at out of sight places and in closets where they would be covered with furniture or boxes. When there is a restriction in return air supply, the blower fan will function hard to consume the air inside, and it may reduce the lifespan of the unit significantly.

Mistake #9: Poor electrical wiring setup:

If you are hiring an inexperienced installation professional, he can perform sloppy wiring work that may not prove risky but develop faults when the unit is functional. Ensure the wires are not placed in exposed status at the end of the installation.

Mistake #10: Installing the air conditioner in the wrong position:

The air conditioner’s location plays an important part in its verve efficiency. So, ensure to set up in a shady area. When it gets less sunlight, it requires less power to cool the house.

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