Modern bathroom designs for small spaces are often considered to be highly impractical due to their small sizes and cramped spaces. A small bathroom design would mean less storage space and fewer facilities than more elaborate designs, which require more space. However, small bathroom ideas on a budget can still give you a nice room to unwind in the midst of your day. There are numerous small bathroom ideas for small bathrooms which can help you create the ideal space for your every day needs. Read on and know more about small bathroom ideas on a budget.

Bathroom suites:

Bathroom suites are extremely useful small bathroom ideas for small spaces. Bathroom suites include a shower area, soap dish, bidet and toilet paper holder. You can save a substantial amount of money by getting a suite, rather than separate pieces, as they come in a package. Also, they are much easier to install and take care of compared to individual pieces. And, since they are sold in sets, you will have to purchase just one piece and get the plumbing and interior design details right if you wish to use them.


Vanity units come in two varieties – frameless and framed. The latter style has a single, tall glass cover with shelves and cupboards under it. The vanity unit allows you to store all your grooming accessories and personal care products without taking up much space. This includes your shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams, soaps, towels and other toiletries. Framed vanity units have beautiful wooden or marble finished vanities, which add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom.

Wall furniture:

Living room cabinets and dressers with curved slats are the best choices for small bathroom spaces. This furniture helps you organize small spaces by providing additional wall space and hiding your unwanted items. This also helps you save some money by not storing useless pieces of furniture in your bathroom.


Choose all-white toilet, shelves and vanity units for small bathroom spaces. You can also opt for ceramic tile or linoleum flooring. You should keep in mind that white flooring tends to reflect more sunlight than other colors, which makes it uncomfortable to use during the evenings. A small bathroom may be suited with tiles or linoleum flooring. However, you may have to cover small bathrooms with rugs to protect them from wet feet.


Light is essential to brighten up small spaces. You can use small pendant lights instead of using overhead light fixtures. Bathroom wall fixtures also help in illuminating the entire bathroom. Lamps should be chosen carefully because they are best used when the bathroom designs for small spaces are modern and stylish.

Clear Shower Door:

The clear shower door is a must-have in small bathroom design ideas. It helps to minimize the obstruction of small bathroom doors. When buying a new door, you need to keep your interior design and decorating priorities in mind. While choosing a clear shower door, you should make sure that it matches the colour scheme of the bathroom. This will help you enhance the look of your bathroom without spending too much money.

Underfloor Heating:

Underfloor heating systems are the best solution to minimize the cold during winter. This will also help you in reducing your electricity bills. An underfloor heating system works on the principle of convection. This principle explains that warm air rises while cool air sinks. This system uses LED lights underneath the floor to give you an illusion of a larger bathroom space.

Number of Walls:

A modern bathroom look should have fewer walls. For small bathroom designs, one wall is sufficient. However, you can opt for one wall that has an opening to create a small walk-in tub or another small bathroom. When planning walls, you need to make sure that there is enough space around them. To create a small bathroom look, you can use stripes or pleats instead of solid walls.

Bathroom Glass:

For small bathroom ideas, you can consider using glass tiles for walls. These provide excellent lighting options. In addition to glass tiles, you can use stained glass and frosted glass. Another option is to use clear glass. You can see through these to highlight your bathroom accessories. You can find many colours and patterns of glass online.


They can greatly help in transforming your small bathroom. You can choose a mirror that has an interesting frame. For your walls, you can choose small paintings and prints with attractive images on them. Using these things will give your bathroom an inviting look. These bathroom design ideas will help you make your bathroom seem much larger than it actually is.

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