The appearance of our living rooms tells a lot about our persona. Having mundane furniture and décor in the living rooms is becoming a thing of the past. More people are gaining traction towards the more unique and luxurious home goods.

The entrance of renowned designer companies into the home goods industry has revolutionized people’s perception of a perfect living room. While these companies were mostly known to be fashion signature giants, they have proven that they also have the mettle to transform our homes’ appearance with their iconic products.

From upholstered chairs to tasseled pillows, plates to designer furniture, you are assured that your home will have a luxurious ambiance. Here is a look at some of the best home goods providers out there:

Versace Home Luxury Fashion House

Versace entered the home goods sphere in 1992. Since then, it has proven to provide just as affluent home goods as its fashion collection. Its home collection goods are designed by contemporary artists who give them a touch of Italian finesse.

Their furniture and other home goods are designed with marble, nubuck leather, porcelain embroidery, mercury wood, Fiero de pesco, and printed embroidery, enabling them to give your home a Versailles palace-like appearance.

One of its most iconic products is the Mesedia chair made with climatic-proof aluminum that makes it suitable for outdoor living. Moreover, it’s shaped like the iconic medusa head, thereby giving it a sense of mysterious appeal.

Other noteworthy Versace home products include medusa marine service plate and Le vase baroque silk cushion.

Fendi Casa Home

Fendi Casa creates designs geared towards giving your home an Italian touch. It boasts of being one of the pioneers of luxury home designs. It offers a variety of modern, contemporary, and classical pieces. Fendi Casa’s collection includes a wide array of products such as couches, lamps, tables, trays, beds, shelves, vases, and more.

This designer Italian-made furniture and accessories exude glamour, brilliance, and iconic modernity suited for the cosmopolitan lifestyle. One of the highlights of its numerous products is the Lake Como collection created with classic lines, vivid color patterns, and soft textures.

Fendi Casa also offers other exquisite products such as Cocoon high sofa, Hampton sofa, Berber rug, and Pierre.

You can get yourself it’s home ware products to give your home avar-grade and elegance.

Gucci Home Décor

Just like its elegant and evocative fashion collection, Gucci’s home décor too doesn’t hold back onto the whimsies it brings to your home. Since its launch in 2017, it has created unique home products inspired by surrealist designs.

Gucci decor designs numerous home goods,including tables, vases, candles, throw pillows, wallpaper, trays, among other products. All its products are exclusively created in Italy by expert craftsmen and artisans who endeavor to create brilliant designs. The hand-made embroidery is an example of their dedication to eliciting brilliance in their designs.

Hermes Home goods

While Hermes is more famous for its clothing and accessory line, this French designer also produces some of the most sought-after home products. Some of its most iconic products include the Avalon throw blanket, Panoplieequestre tray, and Les TrotteusesD’ Hermes side tables.

Hermes home goods are created using exquisite craftsmanship and French elegance. Among the products used in designing the home pieces include merino wool, supple leather, cashmere, hand-made porcelain, among other materials. Its home products are created with perfect symmetry, clean lines, and simple but elegant designs that give your home a swanky French appeal.

Dior Maison Luxury Home Goods

This French home goods designer primarily produces home luxury products inspired by Christian Dior. Dior Maison products you with all types of home products. Cushions, linens, tableware, candle holders, glasses, and bowls, just to name a few.

Most of its collections have a meaning to them. For instance, its Cannage Provence collection portrays how Christian Dior fashion style used Napoleon 3 canework. A close look at the Cannage Provence tableware collections shows the canework design. Another highlight of Dior Mason’s line of home products are its Dior Maison Ochre and Green pineapple glass.

Louis Vuitton

ObjetsNomades Collection

Louis Vuitton collections are constantly fine-tuned to provide utmost luxury. The spirit of travel inspires Their designs. Louis Vuitton collaborates with some of the world’s best designers including Marcel Wanders, Humberto Campana, and Patricia Urquiola, to create designs with limited edition features.

This designer is known to produce excellent chairs, artistic sculptures, vases, lanterns, among other products. Some of its exceptional home products include swell waves shelf, fiberglass hanging cocoon, and woven hammock.

Missoni Home Style

Missoni Home was established in 1983 so that Missoni enthusiasts can incorporate this unique style into their homes. Though it’s one of the oldest home product providers, Missoni evolves its products to meet its enthusiast’s current taste. Even so, it stays true to its signature look that incorporates zigzag motifs, colorful prints, and top-quality materials.

This designer’s home products portray a blend of art and nature. It consists of perfect geometric patterns, harmonized colors, and patchwork designs. Missoni produces a foray of products, including poofs, couches, chairs, wallpaper, and more. The Yanai Cylinder poof is one of its most impressive home products.

Armani Casa Home Objects

This subsidiary of the Armani brand is characterized by designing elegant products yet have some simplicity in them. Its furnishings and accessories have refined finishes that draw home fashion aficionados towards them.

Armani is known to furnish elegant yachts, hotels, and villas, including the Armani Hotel Dubai, one of the most sought after due to its unique design.

This home designer achieves its fear of being among the best by incorporating the artistry of some of the best designers, including Paul Klee and Henri Matisse. It’s pretty Chaise couch is one of its most revered products.

Whether you seek modern, contemporary, or vintage home-ware to refurbish your home, the designers mentioned above have got what you need. They have professionals with expert craftsmanship and an eye for detail, all of which goes into your home goods. Browse through their products and take your pick.