Knowing that you are likely one of the many applicants, how do you get “noticed” and stay one step ahead of others? You could be looking for your very first job, switching careers, or re-entering the job market after an extended absence, finding a job requires two main tasks: understanding yourself and understanding the job market. Presuming you’ve already chosen a career and are currently searching for jobs, here are several ways to actually get a job.

There are a few steps that you can follow to greatly increase your odds of landing that interview.

Let Jobs Chase You

Develop a Resume That Stands Out From the Rest

Some people just copy from others resume. Is it a good practice? You have your own identity and your own strengths and prepare your own resume which makes you understand your strengths and your weaknesses and prepare for it. And your resume clearly depicts how you can solve the problems of the company. It also shows what makes you special and unique which sets you apart from the other people they have talked with?

Build a Personal Brand

This is about how you put yourself out there, to the market. It used to be that our single point of personal branding was the CV. Now, there are many other ways for us to be heard and seen — LinkedIn, Facebook and so on. Develop your brand as an industry expert using LinkedIn and, if you’re brave, Twitter. Post professional, relevant articles that are pertinent to the type of jobs in which you are interested. Control your social media presence and manage it so that what goes out there is what we want to say.

Be as specific as you can

At any moment in your career when you wish to make a change, you have to learn to go through a process of getting as specific as you can. Getting ahead is hugely correlated with your level of clarity around what you want and how you’re going to get it. Develop a list of specific target companies that you can identify to those with whom you are networking. Choose companies which match your profile and start working for it depending on the company’s requirement.

Know those companies that appeal to you and appear to be a great fit. If you don’t know about the company or if you don’t really want to work there, it typically shows in a conversation. If you are excited about the potential of working for the company and you have clearly done your research that will make you extremely appealing and different from the rest

Be Clear About Your Goals

Often, people are not clear on what they can do to specifically help a company. Hiring companies want to know what you can do for them. It helps to answer that question well which helps to stay ahead apart from masses.

Network and Follow Up

The best way to make it to the top of the resume pile is to network. Your goal is to have someone hand the resume to the appropriate person and say, “I think we need to look at this person.”There could be 100’s of resumes dropped in every company but what makes you special and unique which sets you apart from the other people they have spoke to?

Networking and all the other steps are worthless without following up. Proper follows ups gives you brighter chance for you get recruited in the company. Ask your contact how best he/she likes to be communicated with and how often. Respect that they have their own priorities but don’t give up if they don’t respond immediately.

The Job Center Agency

Job center Plus is an agency for the Department for work and Pension of the British government. Its services are primarily provided to those that are seeking employment and to those that are seeking financial provision because of lack of employment opportunities, allowances to help them in living costs and expenses incurred in looking for employment. In other cases, it seeks to help in the providence of the social security benefit for those people without employment income because of illness and being incapacitated as a result of addiction of illicit drugs without employment income because of illness incapacity and also addiction in illicit drugs.

The Agenda

This organization works within the agenda of the government for social and community welfare. The government takes responsibility of getting people back to work or having them work for the first time. You can therefore get financial and practical assistance if you are seeking employment actively from Job center plus since there are technical advisers who will help in benefits application and interview handling.

The Job Centre Plus’ role in Job creation

Once you approach Job center Plus with a motive of searching for work, an appointment known as New Jobseeker interview appointment will be offered. To be able to apply for financial and practical help, you will require attending this interview.

The advisors will assist you in aspects concerning finding a job, seeking benefits while looking for available help. Your existing qualifications, experience and skills will be discussed and the type of work that you are seeking for. Your present financial situation will be discussed and examine if you will be entitled to any benefits and the particular ones that you qualify for.

In the interview, you will sign and create a document which outlines all that which you have agreed to do in order to look for work and any extra support will be offered. Once you sign this agreement, follow the steps and prove that will enable you become eligible to the job seekers allowance in case your financial situation dictates that you require it.

Other Benefits associated with Job Centre Agency

In your job search, advisors will assist you to identify where extra help can be sourced, for example where you can obtain training or more training in your field of work. For example it could be your CV that needs help in compiling, techniques for surviving in an interview, the entire job seeking process. All these techniques will enable you to get jobs quickly. An impressive CV will ensure that many potential employers invite you for an interview.

If your skills in writing and reading are not up to standard, you are able to obtain access courses information; moreover help in English can also be obtained if it is not your first language. It could be improvised by regular practice and dedication towards learning it. Right attitude and technical skill set would surely be an added advantage which helps you being an all-rounder. All this will surely help one to stand out from the rest by acquiring the desired job one dreams about.

The Sector based academy is a route that you can take when looking for work. It is an experience in which job training is done in a given area, you voluntarily do some work in a particular field and then a guaranteed interview will be done in that field. Thus you are able to get experience and training at a particular employment and the most beneficial part is that chances of getting a job here are guaranteed.

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