Are you looking for a global job opportunity? If yes, then seeking a job in the Middle East is a lucrative option as several job avenues are available for the talented and qualified people in the different fields. Read this article to know about some of them.

The continuous demand for the skilled people has opened up several job avenues for job seekers across the globe. These career span across the different industries, primarily finance and oil industry. So, take a look at the present employment scenario in Oil & Gas Industry, Construction, and Financial Sector in the Middle East.

Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Industry is one of the most important industries in the world. The fluctuations in oil prices have influence over the price of other products across the globe. As per the statistics, the amount of global oil consumption annually is over 30 billion barrel. In the current scenario, where oil and gas consumption has become important in the lives of people, the job opportunities in the industry are also increasing. Middle East is the top most destinations for the best job opportunities in the respective field.

Construction Boom in Petrochemical Industry

The construction boom in petrochemical industry in the Middle East has created global job opportunities for many people. For instance, a Saudi Arabia-based Nasser S Al Hajri Corporation will generate over one lakh jobs to hire people from Kerala (India). The company includes over 70,000 workers out of which majority are Indians.

At present, apart from the $25 billion metro rail projects in Jeddah and Riyadh around seven projects are being developed by local governments and several multi-national companies in the petrochemical industry of the Middle East. Altogether, these project works are expected to absorb more than one lakh people in the future. A joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Dow Chemical Company, Sadara Chemical is one of the largest upcoming petrochemical projects in the Middle East, which is expected to create several job openings in the region.

Finance Jobs

There is no dearth of finance jobs in the Middle East. A wide range of jobs are available, including accounting, treasury, compliance and taxation. Now, take a look at some of the lucrative job roles in finance sector in the Middle East.

  • Fund Management Distribution: There has been a rising demand for professionals in fund management. This ensures good job opportunities for fund managers and distribution sales staff in the Middle East.
  • Treasury Sales: This segment is considered as one of the major sources of profitability for banking institutions in the Middle East. This increases the demand for skilled sales staff in the sector. The professions with fluency in English and Arabic are preferred for these positions.
  • Fixed Income Traders: The scope for fixed income traders in regional firms in the Middle East is high. The decision to introduce a regional trading platform is expected to enhance the job prospects for the fixed income traders.
  • Infrastructure Investment: The demand for human resource in infrastructure positions in regional private equity firms is increasing in the region. With the proposed Qatar’s plans for hosting 2022 football World Cup, direct investment roles in infrastructure investment are in demand.
  • Investment and Corporate Banking: There was never a great demand for professionals in corporate and investment banking in this region. However, these days the professionals with banking skill sets and knowledge of several investment banking products has increased the scope for people.
  • Portfolio Management and Private Equity: The job avenues for job seekers in financial sector in the Middle East are manifold. Private equity and portfolio management being one of them. Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) has opened doors to hire expats with experience and skills in private equity and portfolio management.

So, get ready to work in a thriving and competitive work environment where you have all the chances to secure excellent career prospects!

Swati Srivastava is a professional writer who has been lending her expertise to various career, education, real estate and matrimony websites. This article for gives an overview of the different avenues for finding lucrative jobs in the Middle East.

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