Irfan Khan is an award winning Indian movie actor, usually best known for his memorable performance mainly in Hindi films, as well as his appearances in Hollywood and British films. He was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan in 7th January, 1967. He is one of four children of Ghulam Murtaza, an attorney. Irfan was not able to attend college when he was young, so he moved from place to place, first working at a printing press in Bombay, before ending up in Los Angeles. From there he gained experience in various fields, most notably in television, where he appeared in various popular TV serials. Irfan Khan first movie is Salaam Bombay! (1988). Irrfan Khan has appeared in Oscar-winning films such as Slumdog Millionaire and Life of Pi. He was honored at the 93rd Academy Awards. He was a part of the In Memorium segment. It also included Chadwick Boseman, Sean Connery and Bhanu Athaiya.

After a brief stint in Hollywood, in which he appeared in one episode of The Blue Man Group, Irfan Khan joined the Indian film industry and began starring in his own movies. Some of his earlier acting performances include Happy Days, Dabangze, All I Really Need is You, Mankatha, and Who’s That Girl. It was these Hindi films that catapulted him to stardom and also launched him into international stardom, where he appeared in films in Australia, England, France, Japan, and the Philippines. Since then, Irfan has gone on to star in some Hollywood blockbuster films as well, such as Hero, Collateral, Trading Places, and Tropic Thunder.

But perhaps his biggest move to date would be his successful performance as the title character in the movie franchise Bombay Velvet. This movie won him three Academy Awards and created the platform for other lucrative roles in the same franchise, such as eating Pray Love and The Bad Day. He also became a popular voice over artist for many Hindi films, as well as a popular presenter on television.

However, what has defined Irfan Khan is his ability to transcend the barriers of race and language to become an iconic actor in the modern era. After all, the man who can speak the language of dreams and use the dialect of a slumdog millionaire through the medium of a Hindi movie is someone who is universally recognized. His career even carried him to Hollywood, where he appeared in blockbuster movies such as Money Match and Jiro. But Irfan Khan did not remain confined to Hollywood for long.

He went on to play the lead role in the movie Fare, and then played a supporting role in the action-thriller Race. Then he made his foray into Hollywood, playing the lead role in the fantasy hit Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Finally, he landed a role in the popular Sharukh Khan movie, wherein he played a vital part in the pivotal battle between the forces of the good and the evil Ganon. All these films made irrfan popular among the Hollywood elite, and also helped him in building a name in the industry as a versatile actor and a talented star.

However, it was the biopic of Irfan Khan that moved him into the forefront of national consciousness. The film – about the young man who grew up as a fan of cricket and grew to become a national hero – was a box office hit, and also an Oscar nominee for Best Actor in a Leading Role. Even the critics were not critical with the film, and it was later revered by millions for its honesty. In the midst of all this, irrfan was nominated for an Oscar for his contribution towards the film.

Irfan Khan has gone on to star in a number of Hollywood films, most notably, Collateral, released in 2021. However, his most important and well-known role to date would be his performance in the Hollywood blockbuster, The Day the Earth Stood Still. Since then, he has been seen in scores of Hollywood films, TV serials, and commercials. He is even set to star in the forthcoming Hollywood blockbuster franchise, King Kong. Irrespective of whether you love his films or hate them, you cannot ignore his talent.

There is no doubt that Irfan Khan has had an extremely successful career. While films may be his forte, he has also managed to appeal to a broader audience. He has been appreciated for his histrionic, comedic, and emotional performances. His career graph has been extremely varied, and while films may not have been successful, they have always been eye-catching. His acting prowess is something we should applaud, as his ability to portray complex characters with a human touch is simply superb. No doubt, Irfan Khan will be around for many years to come and will be remembered not only for his many accolades but also for the classy films he has produced.

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