Among the varieties of materials available to furnish the indoors and the outdoors, floor tiles stand out for their plethora of choices, aesthetic appeals, and sturdiness.

Since the inception of the structure we call home, humans have been trying to come up with materials that can make it livable and aesthetically pleasant. The materials need to be practical, affordable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. It also needs to have visual appeals so as to charm the residents.

Combining the best of both worlds, floor tiles have managed to stake their claims to be regarded as the best material to furnish an interior or exterior project. They have all the characteristics to withstand the rigorous of such structures and offers numerous design choices to suit everyone’s tastes.

So, today, let’s find out the basics of ceramic tiles that can be used to embellish any of your outdoor and indoor spaces.

Porcelain Stoneware Tiles.

The trend in modern home designs seems to have settled with only a handful of materials. It includes the use of woods, stones, bricks, concretes, clays, and of course, tiles. Among the tiles, however, porcelain stoneware tiles are quickly becoming the most popular for some of its very unique characteristics.

Made using non-porous, sturdy materials; ceramic tiles offer longevity and versatility that no other materials can match. There are also numerous styles, textures, and graphical patterns that can embellish any spaces in accordance with the taste and personality of the owners. It’s availability in several sizes and shapes also helps its cause, especially when it comes to furnishing unusual or challenging corners.

Choosing Tiles for the Indoors

Choosing Tiles for the Indoors.

Floors are perhaps the most important part of any indoor setting. They have to withstand the stresses of heavy loads and foot traffics, while also exuding tasteful aesthetics. Therefore, floor tiles have always been a matter of thoughtful considerations.

By opting for the high-quality, non-porous stoneware tiles, you can effortlessly give your interiors an elegant touch and ensure maximum comfortability. They are resistant to wear and tears and can be easily cleaned with any cleaning liquids. They also don’t bend and get scratched easily; which in turn, keep their seals and colours intact for years to come.

Choosing Tiles for the Outdoors

Choosing Tiles for the Outdoors.

When it comes to outdoors, the characteristics required in ceramic tiles are slightly different than for the indoors. In addition to the above-mentioned features, the outdoor porcelain tiles need to resistant to a sudden change in temperatures, natural abrasions, humidity, and frosting. They

also need to be slip-resistant, especially if used in gardens and pavements.

Thankfully, all of these requirements can be fulfilled by using luxury ceramic tiles that are made specifically for the exteriors.

Ingenious Choices of Porcelain Tiles.

Whether it’s indoors or the outdoors, there is an incredible range of floor tiles to choose from. On top of the numerous traditional patterns, manufacturers are also offering some innovative tiles that look like woods, terracotta, travertine, slates, and much more.