Selling homes is competitive at the best of times. There are only so many buyers out there at any given time. To make sure your home hits the buyers’ sweet spot and gets them putting in an offer after viewing, it is worth putting in time and effort beforehand to ensure you get the most money you can for your home.

There are certain things you can do to increase your homes’ value these are:

Going Neutral with the Décor

You might like bright and vibrant walls, but the new owner might not; it might put people straight off. So, tone it down, use light beige tones that allow potential buyers to truly see the size of any room or space within your home. People often cannot see through or past décor when viewing homes to buy, so keep it nice clean, plain, and simple.


Whether you have a family or not, you will notice how quickly clutter and stuff can build upon every surface within your home. Clutter can make small spaces look even smaller, and it can make homes look messy and uncared for. Pack away items that don’t have a home and look at reducing the number of things you have out on display. Your possessions are lovely and fabulous to you, and they might not have the same effect on any potential buyers.

Paint both Inside and Outside

Paint can quickly weather and look old and unloved. So, freshen up indoor and outdoor paintwork. Giving walls and woodwork a fresh coat of paint will help your home look and feel new. Don’t forget about touching up any outside paintwork, including windows, shutters, and fences.

While making any improvements, it is important to get a valuation, so you can answer that burning question – what is my house worth. If the valuation is not as much as you expected, it is important to gather feedback to establish what you need to do to raise the price.

Tidy Up the Front of Your Property

Whether you are in an apartment or a house, first impressions count, so make sure the outside of your home is tidy, clean, and well maintained. Keeping fresh flowers or plants near your entrance will create a welcoming and homely feel, which will help potential buyers envisage what it would be like to live in your property. Ensure that all rubbish bins that may be on the front of your property are round the back of your property out of sight.

Make Your Property More Energy Efficient

Improving how you heat and light your home and doing so in an energy-efficient way is a major plus when it comes to adding value, and the great news is it will save you money over time too. Thinking about preventing heat loss through looking at your improving windows and doors, not to mention insulating your walls and roof, is always a good measure to take.