Go karting is a thrilling activity that is fuelled with adrenaline and excitement. When it comes to competing against your friends and family there is no better place than on the tarmac. Drifting around corners and engaging in high-speed chases is all on the table when it comes to winning. However, there are some cool tips you can take before jumping on the track. Here are 5 great ways you can put yourself ahead and win at go karting.

Seating and Positioning

When it comes to your posture it can seem unnecessary to focus on your seating, but your posture makes all the difference. Having your back against the seat and resisting the urge to lean forward will prevent injury and balance the weight of the kart. This is also important when it comes to your speed in the straights and overtaking other karts!

Hand Positioning

Make sure to have your hands correctly placed on the wheel when you are driving, maintaining a firm but relaxed grip, and having your hand symmetrical. This will give you control when manoeuvring corners and planning to overtake.

Drive Straight

This may seem like an obvious tip but avoiding as much turning and possible when in the straights will reduce your overall distance and close the gap between you and a fellow go karter. This tip will also help you reach top speeds and avoid the loss of momentum when driving.

Think Strategically

Being able to think strategically when racing is hard but will help you achieve a strong win. Think about tailgating drivers in front and climb your way through the ranks, awaiting to overtake at the right moment. Try to think about small details such as breaking softly into corners to not lose momentum when entering the next straight.

The Racing Line.

In motorsports, drivers are aware of the racing line or simply ‘the line’. This is the optimal path around a racecourse and is not visible but can be learned. It makes use of the entire width of the track and is used in corners when entering from the outside, touching the apex, and then exiting on the outside. Take some time to learn about these before you plan your next racing adventure!

Enjoy Yourself

You stand a much better chance of winning if you relax and have fun! Try to keep a clear head and avoid stressing out and getting angry overlap times as these can cause you to make silly mistakes, or even cause an accident. Just focus on maintaining your speed and keeping the race as smooth as possible!


Having the right clothing is often overlooked but can be a very important factor when racing. This is because the weight makes a massive difference when racing. Having too much on can create more weight and slow your speed on the track. Ensuring that heavy jewellery, money, jumpers, etc are well away in a safe locker will help reduce unnecessary weight so you can reach top speeds quicker.